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Re: Nationalism and Patriotism are fucking retarded.

I think a big line has to be drawn between liking the country you live in, and your opinion on the government in charge. And the government and the people have to learn the difference too.

For example I love Britain. I've travelled all over the world but I'm yet to see more beautiful countryside than the Scottish Highlands or the Peak District. I love the British people, though we're a rather dour lot we do tend to be friendly, 18 odd years living in this country (lived on a British military base in Germany for the preceding 4 years) I've never really had a problem with my fellow Britons and when I have, it's usually been entirely my fault.

I'll cheer my national teams at the Euro's and World Cup. I took a mild interest in the Olympics and felt some semblance of pride at Great Britain's hosting of the Games and 'our' tally of medals at the end.

But I despise my government. I fucking hate that the Conservatives are in charge. I hate that the Tories don't seem any different at all from New Labour (Murdoch loving? Check. Pro-monarchy? Check. Pro-"The City"? Check)

My insides twist at knowing I live 24/7 in a monarchy, constitutional or not. I hate that despite whatever I achieve in life there is a group of people who are supposedly superior to me simply because they were born to the 'right' people. You cannot choose to be born, you cannot choose where to be born nor who your family is. On the basest level possible, the differences between human beings are totally superficial. We are all born equal.

The history of 'my' country shames me every single day. Britain is the single most responsible entity for just how fucked up the modern world has become.

"My country right or wrong" is the most retarded ideology ever invented (well, except for that whole 'believing in a magician in the clouds' deal). Right is right, wrong is wrong, up is up, down is down.

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