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Re: Nationalism and Patriotism are fucking retarded.

Originally Posted by CMWit View Post
Sure I don't mind explaining being proud of my country,
For staters I can go and do or be whatever I want, have the opportunity to do so becasue I live in a free contry where unlike soem others we all have the right to work and vote man and woman alike. Shit I am proud to be from Boston, we have had won championsships in all four major sports over the last decade and I have been to all 7 championship parades. I am proud to know that when another country needs help we will be one of the first to assist in providing aid to said countries. I can alos be proud of all the men and women who fight on a daily basis to keep ours and others safe from tyranny. I can also be proud of the fact that no matter what religion I may or may not prcatice that I have the ability to do so with out being crucified for it. I am proud to live in a state where we acknowledge that people of the same sex can get married and be as miserable in amrriage as the rest of us. I could go on but I shall not as I have said quite a bit.
That sounds good and all,But that still doesn't mean you owe your country shit.Your country isn't your family,Your country is not a person its just fucking land filled with people who 99% "or more" you don't even know.Does being from Boston make you better than me for being Egyptian? No.Its fine to like your own country,But its not fine to think your country is special and better than other places because its all earth.

If you mean you like the rules and form of justice around that specific geographical area,Then yeah sure its ok to say "I love living in Boston" not "Boston rocks" you know what I mean?
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