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Re: Dean Ambrose Pre-Debut Discussion Thread

Bit gutted he lost to Kofi however 1) dark matches in terms on win/loss are irrelevant and 2) Kofi is a crowd favourite and so for the interest of the crowd they would prob want to see him win, especially as it has no relevance to a storyline or feud and casuals have no idea who Ambrose is right now.

@JoseDRiveraTCR7 we'll agree to disagree although I imagine if we were face to face we would for the most part agree on the topic, arguing on the internet is pointless. however you do like the same music as me so thats pretty nice.

@The Lizard I want him to be pushed to the moon but nothing big time main event, as i've said earlier on, i'd like him INVOLVED with main eventers without being THE main event. look at Sandow, he mostly sticks to midcarders but occasionally rubs shoulders with main event talent AND legends. Ryback also looks to be heading in that direction due to his involvement with The Miz, ok he is holding a midcard title but hes been a main eventer and has a big following, if anything he has elevated the I.C title far more than Cody aimed to do.

A few weeks of squash matches to get him known ( I hate them too but they are necessary), make sure each time he cuts a promo then have him fighting midcarders for another few weeks, getting himself DQ'd sometimes and being out and out brutal then shove him into something relevant. I don't know what yet because storylines might have changed by the time he has established himself.

My dream is for him to be involved with Heyman while still chasing down midcarders (so he is tormenting the midcard while Punk and Lesnar torment the main eventers) but I understand the likeliness of such a thing happening is low.
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