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Re: What is with this 11'er and 12'er shit?

Well, basically, it's not just this forum. A lot of forums out there put down newbies. I seem to think on smart websites it's a hazing process; an "if you can't cope with it then you don't deserve to be here" attitude until they've stuck through it and stuck around. However on this site I think it's completely useless as wrestling is completely current and if somebody joined yesterday, then their points are as necessary and just as prevalent as somebody with 10,000 posts who has been here since 2007 if they are both speaking about something they enjoy: Wrestling.

I don't have a clue why there is a Rants section on a wrestling forum though. I would say initially it was to keep a lot of the complaining posts in one section so they didn't clog up the relevant sections after each event, but now it's a whole new nonsensical beast. There is even a 'Rants Section Hall of Fame. :S

I also wouldn't worry about Rep. As you can see from this thread here, some people just red-rep people for the hell of it. I stopped looking into the reputation when I realized you couldn't gain anything with it, and it's mostly used for quick messages and/or the like. I have a few red-reps that say stupid things in the comment boxes. It's pointless. Completely and utterly pointless so I wouldn't worry about it.

Overall, OP, I just say take it on the chin and move on. I never suffered the wrath of somebody calling me a newbie for fact that I never bothered with it. I keep to certain sections and respond accordingly, and I've now been here longer than a fair few of the characters who use the term '11ers, and 12ers.

Stick at it.
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