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Cutting a Shoot Promo To Get Over
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Re: Dragonforce

wow, dump a thread on us indeed. now i know this is the reply your bitch ass has been waiting for. wondering "when is my hero gonna respond to this? what will he think? will he own me like usually does, or will he finally validate my life?" these are the thoughts that have been running through your head the last few days. running to your laptop, nope, no response from chico yet, maybe tomorrow, yea, tomorrow's gotta be the day. nah, it wasn't the day, phaggot, but today, your lucky day. first off, in all honesty i tried looking at this a few days ago but it's just one of those rants u click on, and back out of without any thought. it's piss poor, a disgraceful attempt. i give u credit though, i remember u saying a week ago that if u made a rant it'd be shit, and noone would care, so for once u were right. really, a rant this bad, u don't deserve to be responded to for at least a month(while u wait and suffer) if at all, but i feel sorry for ya, so let's get to my unvarnished review. shit songs, check, shit poster(u), check, on the road to a 0/10, check. but wait, what is this next part, this is where it gets good. u actually sat there and counted how many times they said each word in all 47 songs? LOL. just picturing that is making me laugh... good job good effort. ya know what though, the over repetitive word thing always kinda amused me, that's what made me laugh at bad blood, so i'm sure this is how u were looking to impress me. it's also an idiotic way of judging how good a band is. 2pac said the same word 47 times a song, and the guy is beloved. how many records has he sold, 100 million? this is just an incredulous, absurd, assinine way of looking at things by u, i wouldn't except anything more though. are u curious how the beatles had any fans too? fuckin idiot. in conclusion, u are horrible, but i can't give u an 0/10 simply for the fact u sat there and read the lyrics to all 47 songs to count for words. pathetic, but slightly interesting. so i'll give ya the 1/10, i know you'll be grateful. top 5 worst rant of all time, but definately not the worst.
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