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Re: TEW2013 Announced

Five small changes

Today we'll do something a bit different and do a theme - "five little changes that'll make your life a lot easier".

#32: Automatic Venue Selection

When you first enter PM mode to run a show the AI will now automatically "best guess" a venue for you and assign it, coupled with a pop-up telling you which one (and which region) it has picked. You are not locked into this choice - you can easily go and change it in the way you normally would - but it does mean that in a lot of cases you can entirely skip the time consuming process of heading to Venue Selection, finding a venue, and booking it.

#33: Select Best Venue

In the Venue Selection screen is a new button, "Select Best Venue". This uses the same code as in the previous entry, but selects the best venue for you from that specific region. (For those of you not following, the difference between #32 and #33 is that the former works out the best region to use itself, in the latter you have control over it.)

#34: New Worker Generation Date

In previous TEW games, the date at which new worker generation began was locked once you started a new game; in TEW2013, the date can be edited via the Options menu at any point. This means you would no longer be forced to either grin and bear it or abandon your game if you find that you disagree with the original setting.

#35: No-Reset Filters

All of the filters in the game - including the ones in the editor - now no longer reset back to their defaults once you leave that specific page. They retain your choices until you leave the game area (such as leaving the editor or moving to an entirely new section of the game).

#36: In-Game Help

Taking a cue from CBH, many of TEW2013's screens now include "?" buttons - clicking these brings up a mini help file on the item in question. This means the user rarely has to go and load an external help file, and it's very easy for even veteran players to check the meanings or uses of certain features with a single click.
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