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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Kamikaze™ View Post
Just started a new game as WCW in 2001 to rewrite history and stop the buyout, trying to make WCW number one again;

Souled Out 2001

Live on PPV | 14,000 in Attendance | 180,000 Buys

WCW World Heavyweight Championship | Three Way Dance Match
Scott Steiner (c) defeated Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page
via pinfall at 16:01 when Rick Steiner interfered

At the turn of the year; Eric Bischoff made his return to WCW announcing that Bill Busch has resigned him as Vice-President of the company in order to turn WCW into a profitable organisation. In his first act of business Eric Bischoff decided to bring out his long time friend Kevin Nash announcing that he would receive a World Championship match that night on Nitro, stating that his job was to make money for WCW and in turn himself, and the man that made him the most money was Nash. This was not taken well by the other half of the World Tag Champions DDP, who told Bischoff that to make money they need to give the fans what they want; and that is DDP as World Champion. Eric Bischoff told DDP to mind his business or he wouldn't receive any money at all. Later that night just as Bischoff was about to aid Nash in winning the World Championship from Scott Steiner, DDP ran in and distracted Nash enough to allow Steiner to gain the win. Steiner showed his appreciation to DDP by shaking his hand but DDP showed his intent on going for Steiner's gold by nailing him with a Diamond Cutter. The next week Scott Steiner called out Diamond Dallas Page and told him that he won't get off lightly for double crossing him and calling him as bad as Nash and Bischoff; DDP came out and said he'd accept Steiner's offer if he put the one thing the fans wanted on the line. At the end of the night DDP and Steiner were facing of for the WCW Championship when Eric Bischoff came out and called the match off; allowing Kevin Nash to attack both from behind. On the following episode of Nitro, DDP called out Kevin Nash and told him that if he wants to win the WCW Championship he has to do it the right way and go through him, the argument was interrupted by Scott Steiner who told the tag team champions that he wasn't taking any chances and bought his brother Rick along to take the two out and challenged them for their titles. The two teams faced off in a hard fought main event when suddenly DDP laid out Kevin Nash with a steel chair causing the referee to call the match a no-contest, Bischoff suddenly appeared and announced that due to DDP's actions that he was awarding the WCW World Championship match at Souled Out to Kevin Nash. One week before the PPV, Eric Bischoff reannounced the main event for Souled Out when he was interrupted by DDP, who came out and told Bischoff that he was screwing WCW over for money once again. This was backed up by WCW Champion Scott Steiner who made his way to the ring and told DDP that he still has his problems with him but would much rather he got the shot at him at Souled Out because he fought for his chance. Kevin Nash then went to make his way to the ring when he was stopped by Rick Steiner who attacked him from behind, the three mean back Bischoff into the corner as he whimpered and decided to give DDP his shot and scurried from the ring. Bischoff then got on the stage and champed his mind saying it was on the condition that DDP defeat Kevin Nash tonight. As it looked like DDP was just about to beat Nash; Eric Bischoff appeared on the apron to distract DDP allowing Nash to regain control. Bischoff then proceeded to pass Nash a chair but DDP ducked the shot and Nash nailed Bischoff allowing DDP to hit the Diamond Cutter and win.

Bill Goldberg defeated Ric Flair
via pinfall at 13:20 when Goldberg hit Flair with the Jackhammer

Bill Goldberg was originally scheduled to team with Sid Vicious in a tag team match to determine number one contenders to the tag championships but due to an injury, Goldberg was left without a partner. When he approached Arn Anderson backstage for help, Arn said he knew just the man. As Goldberg stood in the ring opposite Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell; the famous music hit and he found out his tag team partner was Ric Flair. In a hard fought back and fourth tag team match, Goldberg and Flair seemed to be on the upper hand when miscommunication lead to Goldberg accidently hitting Flair with a spear, allowing Bagwell to line up Flair for the Blockbuster and score the pin. The following week, Flair went head to head with his recent opponent Buff Bagwell where he was successful in gaining the win. Following the match Bagwell and tag partner Lex Luger decided to teach Flair a lesson when Goldberg hit the ring and cleared house, but instead of showing gratitude, Flair pushed Goldberg away. Just days away from Souled Out, Bill Goldberg called down Ric Flair to the ring. Flair took exception of this claiming nobody calls out the nature boy, branding Goldberg an idiot and clumsy. Goldberg told Flair that if that's how he feels then why doesn't he put his money where his mouth is and face him at Souled Out

Sting defeated "The Franchise" Shane Douglas
via submission at 14:56 when Shane Douglas tapped to the Scorpion Deathlock

With Jarrett's new found business associate in The Franchise, the duo began to show their dominance by putting the boots into anyone who tried to cross their paths. This also included new number one contender Jarrett's United States championship; Rey Mysterio Jr. and The Filthy Animals. But throughout the weeks Jarrett and Douglas failed to notice the dark figure in the shadows watching their actions. Sting made his eagerly anticipated return saving the Filthy Animals from another beatdown and challenging Shane Douglas to face him at Souled Out!

WCW United States Championship Match
Jeff Jarrett (c) defeated Rey Mysterio Jr.
via pinfall at 12:33 when Shane Douglas interfered

When Shane Douglas found out that Jeff Jarrett was getting a shot at the highly regarded United States Championship, he wasted no time in cutting a deal with Jarrett in order to secure the gold was under his watch, helping Jarrett claim the gold. Jeff Jarrett was now in the possession of a championship that had made many legends of the business and a championship belt the WCW roster new and old were gunning for. Eric Bischoff decided to hold a battle royal to determine a number one contender to Jarrett's gold. Scoring a massive upset by eliminating Lex Luger, Rey Mysterio Jr. became the new number contender. Learning of this news Shane Douglas and Jeff Jarrett laughed then new challenger off, when Mysterio told them not to count him out and challenged them to a tag match tonight with Konnan. Scoring another upset Rey Mysterio Jr. pinned Jeff Jarrett with a small package, a shocked Jarrett and Douglas took out their frustrations on the filthy animals and beat them down, when Sting came to their aid.

The Road Warriors defeated Lex Luger and Buff Bagwell
via pinfall at 9:41 when The Road Warriors hit the Doomsday Device

After becoming number one contenders to the WCW Tag Team Championships, Lex Luger and Buff Bafwell went on to claim that they are the best tag team going in the world. This clearly didn't go down well with Road Warrior Animal who made his way to the ring and told them that they haven't even joined the tag team division until they have beaten a Road Warrior, and challenged Lex Luger to face him then and there but faced defeat when Bagwell interfered. The following week Road Warrior Animal called out the duo again and demanded a rematch, where Bagwell agreed. Just as Animal was about to beat Bagwell, Luger interfered causing Animal to win by DQ and the duo laid the boots into Animal. On the Nitro before Souled Out! Bischoff gave Luger and Bagwell the weekend off to repair and train as they couldn't receive their tag title shot until after Souled Out due to the World Championship situation. As the team packed their bags and headed for their limos, they were cut off by two mean on Harley Davidson bikes. They took their helmets off and showed themselves as The Road Warriors to the shock of Luger and Bagwell and laid them out in the parking lot, and told them they would meet them at Souled Out!

WCW Cruiserweight Championship Match
Chavo Guerrero Jr.(c) defeated Billy Kidman
via submission at 16:27 when Guerrero Jr. used the Gory Special on Kidman

Chavo Guerrero Jr. claimed himself to be the best cruiserweight champion of all time, a bold statement that former WCW Cruiserweight Champion Bill Kidman didn't agree too. Kidman told Guerrero that if he really wanted to prove his worth he would face him for the belt. Chavo refused and told Kidman he needs to earn his shot by beating an opponent of his choice. Chavo chose former Crusierweight Champion Psychosis as his opponent. Kidman just managed to defeat Psychosis in an outstanding contest but Chavo still refused to defend the championship. Chavo told Kidman he would have to now beat two opponents of his choice in a three way, Kidman again managed to win Chavo's challenge but was still refused the shot. Kidman challenge Chavo to face him in a non-title contest which Chavo accepted, and Kidman showed his skill by beating Chavo. Kidman then proceeded to taunt Chavo who in anger turned around and agrred to the championship match at Souled Out!

Flag Match
The Great Muta defeated Lance Storm
via retrieving the Japanese Flag at 13:19

Lance Storm began a new format known as the Canadian Wrestling Trials Series, where each week he would send out a challenge to any wrestler in the world to face him in contest. Storm managed to gain momentum with a 3-0 win record, defeating; La Parka, Fit Finlay and Meng. Each time using the Canadian Flag to score a victory. In his fourth contest Lance Storm's challenge was accepted by the returning Sonny Oono wielding a Japanese flag and bought out his client; the legendary Great Muta. Storms win record was slowly ended as Muta dodge a flag attack and scored a pin on Storm. Storm took exception to this loss and attacked Muta with the Japanese flag and fled the ring. Backstage after the match Bischoff approached Lance Storm and told him that xenophobia and all this Canadian themed stuff wasn't good for business and told him that it ends at Souled Out! where Storm will face Muta in a Flag Match

WCW Hardcore Championship Match - Vacant| Four Way Hardcore Match
Terry Funk defeated Mike Awesome, Vampiro and Kanyon
via pinfall at 12:48 when Funk pinned Kanyon following a moonsault

Whilst only new to WCW the Hardcore championship has created a buzz throughout the locker room causig the toughest of all to want a shot at the championship. But none of them come tougher than the four men involved in the contest. These four mean have been at eachothers throats for weeks in trying to decide a champion to the vacant championship when Eric Bischoff decided to settle this in a four way match.

The New Jung Dragons defeated The 3 Count
via pinfall at 8:12 when The Great Sasuke hit the Fire Thunder Bomb on Moore

On his return to WCW, Oono signed Kaz Hayashi as a member of his faction and teamed him with another of his clients in The Great Sasuke. Kaz Hayashi asked Bischoff to give his team a chance to show their skills in a match again any tag team he has.
Wow, really like this! Great booking and storylines. Love the way you post! Look forward to more!!
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