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What is with this 11'er and 12'er shit?

I'm probably going to get the "who the fuck are you" treatment and I'm sorry if this is a subject that has already been touched on but I need to get this off my chest.

Ever since I registered and came on to this forum I have seen a number of posts referring to 11'er's and 12'ers those being who registered in 2011 and 2012. Some of these mentions were just general which is fine but I've also seen some posts by some users who are using this term to completely denounce someone or even worse make blank statements about users in the forum. This brings about the question of what the fuck is this 11'er and 12'er shit that some people seem to live and die by?

Like seriously, its gotten to the point where some people have the hilarious arrogance to say stuff like most or all 11'er and 12'ers are stupid idiots who should have never registered on the forum to begin with. Is this how you want to welcome new members to the forum who want to be here and contribute to the forum? Who want to add to and hopefully better the community that this forum has? This reminds me of a response I made to a user who used the IWC as a blanket term, its a sort of us and them mentality that seems to come across in some posts and from some users that doesn't even exist. It's funny to me that people use this as a legitimate argument to try and prove that they are right in an argument. I've seen a number of examples where people have denounced someone's argument regardless of whether they were any good or not because the person registered in 2011 or 2012. Yet you don't see anyone say "Oh that stupid 05'er making another fucking idiotic argument". Do you not get how fucking stupid it is?

Yes, there have been a number of users who registered this year or last year who are stupid and make stupid arguments, but there are also users who registered before then who also do the same, so what is the fucking difference? Its like if someone who registered recently is an argument with someone, they get the "oh its the new guy/gal" attitude and get put under the 11'er/12'er category. But if its anyone registered before then, they get the pass of having to be denounced as an individual. I really don't get it. Stupid people are stupid people and smart people are smart people so why does it matter that someone registered and discovered the forum later? I realise that not everyone does this but those who do seem to have a superiority complex which is pretty pathetic. I don't give a flying fuck if you were the 75th member to register or whatever stupid fucking achievement you have fixed in your head, that doesn't automatically make you better than me.

I even saw recently an argument occur in this rants section where someone actually used the argument that because someone had registered only a few days before 2011 that means they are in the same category as the 11'ers and that doesn't make them any better. Fair point in one way, but why the fuck does that even matter? Do you really have to resort to putting people into numbers to try and back up your argument? Can't you actually...you know, make an argument to the person that is relevant? It just comes across as really pathetic and weak to me. I didn't mention any names because I have no personal problem with the people involved so there is no need to call people out, I just think the whole concept is complete bullshit.

I know some people will probably come into this thread, look at my register date and be like "HA LOL HE'S MAD BECAUSE HE'S A 12'ER". I actually haven't been denounced in an argument as a 12'er to try and invalidate my points and have only been in a couple of arguments since registering here. One I remember being with SheamusO'Shaunessy which didn't last very long. So no, this is nothing personal. Its just something I've seen which I think is really stupid.

I'm done.

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