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Re: Calum Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

JAM's Review

Brutal way to start off the show. The reminder of what happened last week was a nice touch and really emphasized that this rivalry with Orton/HHH has really gotten personal. I had a feeling that Legacy was gonna be involved somehow and this was pretty brilliant on the part of your booking skills. The exchange that Orton and HHH shared was pretty spot on as well with each one bringing up their stable in Evolution and Legacy. You also did well in writing that part that really sent HHH over the edge and caused the chase to begin. The attack backstage showed just how personal this rivalry has gotten with Orton making HHH bleed with the help of Legacy. Was a good opening to the show and should leave a lot of us questioning what happens next.

The match with Kofi and Ziggler was a good one, good opening contest. Both guys are pretty athletic so I'm glad you used that to your advantage. I see big things for both guys to be honest. You're pushing Kofi a little more but Dolph shouldn't be far behind, they're stars in my book.

That Flair segment started out a little slow with him kind of randomly making a match first but that seemed fine since the second half of the promo picked up a little. I was expecting Flair to lose it a little so I was disappointed that he didn't go into crazy mode. The interruption from Regal was random but I love what you're doing with Regal and his stable. It was no surprise that Nigel would pick up the victory here, loved the match btw, typical Mysterio underdog booking. The Tower of London is a pretty devastating move so it was to see that you went with that finisher for Nigel. Regal vs. Rey should be a good one for the PPV. Likin' that you planted seeds for a future Punk/Orton feud since they do have some history with Orton punting Punk and costing him his World Title. I'd like to see this feud if ever you were going with it, it's much better with Orton as the heel.

Love me some Cryme Tyme, so that was a fun segment to read. Tag division is looking really good already with just these two teams, hoping to see more. Miz was the star of this whole thing, interrupting Cole and King here, not allowing them to talk. And ofcourse the match wouldn't end clean with Miz at ringside. This is honestly my favorite feud that you have going right now, quite interested to see how this all plays out. Would be a cool twist if Miz/Morrison reunited and left Jericho/HBK out to dry.

Any storyline concerning the divas is a step in the right direction. With it having Beth at the center, it should be a good storyline. Could make for good matches at least. Good to see Swagger doing something, even if it is winning a squash match. He'll be a good midcard talent to say the least so inserting him into this feud with Kane and Punk could be good. Good Punk interview here, you got him pretty much to a tee which shouldn't be too hard since Punk is a pretty good speaker. Was kind of expecting Kane here so that wasn't much of a surprise. I take it that you're bringing back the mask as well? Personally not a fan of the mask since I see no difference with Kane without but it's a storyline nonetheless. Whoa, chokeslam off the stage? Brutal stuff.

What a main event that was. A match between HBK and Orton will always be a good one and this was no different. But what came at the end was quite a shock to me. Not only did you have Morrison and Jericho/Miz involved but of course Legacy had to be in it too. What they did was just brutal, attacking HHH's home? Wow! That's definitely not PG, which is good for you, you can produce more compelling storylines. All I have to say about the aftermath is just.....WOW.

Overall, my favorite episode in your thread so far. Everything is just doing good if you ask me. You've got two major feuds that involve HBK/Morrison and Jericho/Miz while Orton/HHH getting more personal by the minute. Also liked the draft moments to hype up the next draft, was a good touch on your part. Nowhere to go but up from here dude, good job!

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