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Re: Sandow's selling

Originally Posted by Zeppex View Post
So is this a hate sandow thread? Cuz its particularly dumb. Gimmicks in wrestling are always copied or parts of them to make another. So saying he is a Jericho wanna be is stupid. Look at ADR, you can say he is part JBL or Million dollar man. People compare Ziggler to Mr. Perfect solely on looks, so is he a Perfect wannabe?
[Sarcasm]What are you saying? Clearly Chris Jericho is the one and only true original in the company, I mean look back at his gimmick when he debuted, Y2J must have went back in time and invented wrestling gimmicks, only to return with this knowledge so he could make the greatest and most original gimmick the world has ever seen. That way, some angry little people online could whine and complain about how every performer short of 270 lbs is a rip off of Jericho.[/sarcasm]

with that little bit out of the way, I absolutely agree with you Zeppex. This thread is pretty unnecessary, one smark had a beef with how Sandow bumped for a finisher. If he had problem selling said finisher, he would have taken a page out of John Cena's playbook. Also comparing a guy that has primarily been in development to guys who have been established midcarders is rediculous. However if some of you have a huge gripe with it, why don't you just come out and say this:

"I am a insatiable little fanboy who compares every new or old wrestler to the objects of my idolization. So long as they exist, I must compare them to the objects of my idolization and scrutinize heavily. If I had it my way, new talent would not ever get onto WWE because I couldn't actually come up with a gimmick that has yet to be done, and within about a few decades, all the wrestlers would be too old to compete competently and the WWE as we know it would collapse. I am such a genius."
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