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Re: Just wanted to clear something up

Originally Posted by Genesis 1.0 View Post
You DO realize that your second quote highlights 'hunting animals for sport', which under any definition includes sport fishing.
So you're trying to compare passively catching a fish and throwing it back in the water still alive vs. actively pursuing a deer and killing it with a gun?

You DO however realize that by making this thread, an entirely new thread, JUST to highlight this murky discrepancy at best, you just reinforced my point as to how you are.

You make all types of inflammatory statements & yet you lack the conviction to deal with them when confronted.
There was nothing murky about it at all. You just told a flat out lie and you knew it was a lie. I always deal with my confrontations but I'm not going to acknowledge a thread exclusively about me where there's obvious hostility. It also doesn't help when the OP for that thread makes a blatant lie about something that I said and doesn't even have the gumption to use a quote to back it up.

Thank you Edge.

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