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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

1st card
ECW Hardcore Heaven 2012
Segment 1 A video is played, hyping the upcoming Jeff Hardy vs Taz match.
Segment 2 High incident match! for the WHCC
Bobby Rude vs Christopher Daniels

They start brawling in the aisle. Elbow from Rude. Bobby Rude with a headbutt on the outside. Sharp kick. Elbow from Rude. Both wrestlers make their way up the scaffold! They start brawling high above the ring...until Rude hits a crunching headbutt...and Christopher Daniels falls, crashing through three tables! We have a winner! Psychosis comes running down the aisle, and gets into the ring! Psychosis puts Daniels in the corner. Psychosis sets up, and hits a Psycho Stunner! Christopher Daniels has been left down on the canvas.

Segment 3 The 4 members of LWO are backstage. Their target was Christopher Daniels, who they talked trash about.

Segment 4

-- tv Title Match!
Alex Riley vs Austin Aries vs Christian

Back suplex on Aries. Alex Riley launches Christian into the cage wall. A-ry only gets knees on a splash. Second rope splash by Aries. Aries hits a high kick on Christian. Austin Aries and Christian climb the cage....but both end up crashing back to the canvas after a struggle! Tiger Driver nearly crushes Aries. Austin Aries powers out of a Alex Riley headlock. Austin Aries throws A-ry into the cage. Delayed brainbuster suplex. Christian climbs the cage and escapes for the win!

Segment 5 Austin Aries is backstage. He talked trash about Christian.

Segment 6

-- ECW tag team Title Match!
Daniel Bryan and Evan bourne vs Rey Mysterio and Latin dragon

Forearm to the face from Bourne on Rey. Bourne uses a neckbreaker on Rey. Hooks the leg : 1....2....shoulder up. Rey pushes out of a Evan bourne hold. Stiff high kick on Bourne by Rey Mysterio. Rey hits a high kick on Evan bourne. Tag between Rey Mysterio and Latin dragon. Dragon hits a wheel kick on Bourne. Bourne slips out the back of a Latin dragon bodyslam. Tag to Daniel Bryan. Bourne \ Bryan hook up Dragon, then hit a double suplex. Flying elbow from Daniel Bryan. Hooks the leg : 1....2....shoulder up. Back heel kick from Bryan. Tag between Daniel Bryan and Evan bourne. Evan bourne with an enziguri. Pin : 1....2....no! Shoulder up at the last second. Dragon kicks Evan bourne in the gut to reverse the momentum. Tag between Latin dragon and Rey Mysterio. Driven DDT by Rey Mysterio. Psychosis comes running down the aisle with a chair! Rey and Evan bourne continue fighting, unaware of the intrusion. Psychosis slides in and blasts Evan bourne with a chair to the head! Psychosis climbs out of the ring, the damage done! Evan bourne can barely stand. West Coast pop!!! That shook the ring. 1....2....3!! Bryan \ Bourne are beaten down three-on-two by the combined forces of Rey, Dragon and Psychosis.

Segment 7

-- ECW Title Match!
Jeff Hardy vs Taz

Spinning back kick from Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy hits a rolling kick on Taz. Taz blocks a right hand and fires back. Gut buster, Hardy hits hard. Double arm suplex by Taz, Hardy hits hard. Jeff Hardy ducks a clothesline attempt. Flying cross body off the top rope! Taz gets knocked to the ground by Hardy, who is already climbing the turnbuckle. Swanton Bomb!!! 1....2....3!! It's all over.

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