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Re: Sandow's selling

Originally Posted by The Sandrone View Post
... and wrestle... and play a character perfectly... and... ah, why do I bother explaining to a simpleton such as yourself?
Oh and lets no forget. He's a Chris Jericho wanna-be. And you or any of these other Sandow marks can't deny that. Using a big vocabulary to annoy the fans and get heat because they're not smart enough to understand what you're saying? That has Chris Jericho written all over it. His greatest run, well heel run or a run period, from 2008 up until he left via the punt from Orton, was his greatest run ever even admitted by himself. The way he reinvted himself with the slow talking, suit wearing psychopath while using big moni-syllabic words was a huuuuuuuge success. Here comes Damien "NO HEAT" Sandow trying to copy his fucking character, yet you're all obvlivious to this fact.

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