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Re: Smackdown 9/21/12 + WWE SMS/Superstars spoilers

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
Yeah, I know. It's not like he beat Cena or something, but it's a pretty big win considering how long he's been in the company and what he's done up to this point.

I don't like the fact that Kane and Bryan vs Sandow and Rhodes is scheduled for tonight, though. I had a feeling that would happen at some point, and maybe they'll get their win back. I really hope Cody and Sandow don't form a tag team and win the titles because when they break up, one of them will completely fall off the map and the other will do great, and I'd be fine if Rhodes was the one to fall off but I'm not convinced yet.

Cesaro dumping Aksana is good too. I don't have any interest in Cesaro but his matches will certainly be better if he doesn't have a valet who's constantly being distracting for no good reason. That's one reason I find it insanely difficult to enjoy Dolph Ziggler matches, knowing how much focus they put on Vickie's ugly fucking dog face.
Yeah, but Kane's always willing to put someone over though. They'll probably get the win back so they can get back on the right track as a team, before they fall out again next week... Cody will take the fall, Sandow's far more protected. I don't know why Sandow would even team with Cody again after he cost him a match a few weeks ago, but oh well..

Maybe Cesaro will become more interesting now. I wonder what will happen to Aksana now... If only Amsterdam was still around, he was the only one who cared about her lol.

I'm put off more by Vickie's horrible voice, her screaming, and her mention of the words ''finish him Dolph'' like 10 times during Ziggler matches... Why can't Ziggler dump her already. They've been to together for years FFS.

Edit: Rhodes and Sandow lost by DQ.

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