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Re: World Wrestling Entertainment (2012-Present)

WWE RAW-Laredo,Texas-Laredo Energy Arena
**Pyro and Theme Hit!**
Michael: Hello WWE Fans, we are live tonight in Laredo,Texas! A sold out crowd here at the Laredo Energy Arena gearing up for Monday Night RAW

**Brock Lesnar's Theme Song HITS!**
**He enters the ring with POP and Heat filling the arena**
**He grabs a microphone and begins to speak**

Brock Lesnar: I'm going to make this quick and simple. At Summerslam, I am not fighting Triple H, Who the hell does he think he is? I mean, I'm Brock Lesnar, and the fact that Triple H and his WWE Brass didnt follow suit to the terms of the contract, well we got a lawsuit on our hands don't we Paul? Look Hunter, I gave the WWE a chance, I really did, I came back after Wrestlemania and you screwed me. I signed a new contract where Monday Night RAW: Starring Brock Lesnar would take effect. Did It? Yeah for one night, before I locked a kimura on your ass, that left you sidelined. But you're the game! You're the cerebral assasin, so you have no problems getting back to full strength. Who held on to your balls, was it Stephanie, or Vince? Look all jokes aside Hunter, I'm making it clear, that at Summerslam you don't want to fight me, and you can make me the poster boy, go ahead, kiss my ass Hunter. Doesn't mean we're gonna fight.

**Triple H's Theme Song Hits, enters the ring, grabs a microphone and begins to speak**

Triple H: Brock, since when did you turn soft? The moment you entered this company, you wanted to be an ass-kicker. But now you're grabbing Paul Heyman's balls, and letting him do your work. Why can't you be a man Brock? Why can't you man up to me, that you're scared of the King of Kings. Just admit it, and I'll let it pass, I'll find another opponent, who will take that big paycheck for Summerslam. 'Cause you can't proclaim that you're the best Brock, if you're scared to fight anybody. Look, maybe I became a business man, and I decided what's good for business. I'm sure if you ask CM Punk, or the Undertaker that I do what's right for business. CM Punk opened his mouth, and I beat his ass. That was good for business. The streak is a brand, and it needed to live. That was good for business. But you Brock? I think putting a sledge hammer to your face, followed by a pedigree on that Announcer's table right there is good for business. So what do you say Brock? Me, You.. Summerslam?
***Triple H lets out a hand, it looks as if Brock Lesnar lets out a hand, Triple H kicks him in the gut, and hits a Pedigree***

Triple H(Cont'd): I'll see you and Heyman, at Summerslam.


Michael: We have a great show tonight, John Cena battles Kane, Daniel Bryan battles Christian, Dolph Ziggler battles Jack Swagger, and our Main Event tonight, Chris Jericho battles CM Punk.

**John Cena's theme song HITS**
**Kane's theme song HITS!**

**The match begins as the two men lock up, Kane begins with the advantage by chopping Cena several times.Kane goes for the pin, but Cena kicks out at 1. Kane irish whips Cena as they begin the routine, shoulder block, as Kane ranges from the ropes, and Cena jumps over him. Cena attempts a suplex, Kane blocks it, and hits the suplex masterfully. He goes for a pinning combination and Cena yet again kicks out. This happens for several min, later Cena begins to show signs of life, Kane and Cena trade shots, and Cena begins to gain some energy from the crowd, he looks back at Kane and is chopped. Kane attacks Cena viciously, and this continues as RAW goes to commercial. Kane has Cena down in a headlock, Cena reverses it, and begins his theatrical comeback. Two flying shoulder blocks, followed by a spin out powerbomb. Cena looks at the crowd, smiles and hits the five knuckle shuffle. He taunts Kane for the AA, soon Big Show's theme song HITS! Cena is distracted Kane gets up, and hits his signature move the Sidewalk Slam. He goes for the pin but Cena kicks out at 2.5. He gets Cena up, Cena reverses it into an AA, Cena looks at Big Show. Hits the AA and pins. 1.2.3. END OF MATCH, Big Show enters the ring, Cena tries attempting an AA on Show, Show reverses it and hits a Chockslam, as he leaves the ring.** TIME OF MATCH: 13:33

BACKSTAGE: Teddy Long and Ric Flair
Teddy Long:
Welcome Back to the WWE back playa! As guest GM for both RAW and Smackdown I'd like to personally welcome you back to the WWE.

Ric Flair: WOO! I came for one reason, and most of you will see it once time passes. But for now, to be apart of the WWE Universe again! WOO it's a great feeling.

Teddy Long: Well hey, I gotta run but I'll see you soon?
**Teddy Long leaves, as Dolph Ziggler enters**
Dolph Ziggler: Hey Ric, you wanted to see me?

Ric Flair: I did son, you don't need to be with Vikkie Gurrero, I am a legend son, I can take you places you have never been before WOO! Only if you let me manage you.

Dolph Ziggler: I don't know man, we'll see what happens. If Vikkie screws up again. Let's talk.

Ric Flair: I'll look forward to it son.

BACK AT RINGSIDE: Michael Cole, Jerry the King Lawler

Michael: The Money in the Bank Particpants for the WWE Championship has been chosen. John Cena, The Big Show,Kane,Sin Cara, AND Ryback. Should be an exciting match.

Jerry The King: You bet! Now we got Daniel Bryan taking on the IC Champion himself! Christian!

**Daniel Bryan's Theme Song Hits, as cheers and boos fill the arena**
**Christian's Theme Song Hits as cheers fill the arena**

**The match begins as the two men lock up, Christian begins with his show off mentality, displaying great in-ring work at the beginning of the match. He suplexes Daniel Bryan and goes for the pinning combination as Bryan easily kicks out at 1. Christian is still on the attack, as he whips Bryan to the opposite rope, Bryan falls theatrically, and Christian ties him to the ropes, causing pain to Bryan. Christian slips out of the ring and slaps Bryan across the face. VINTAGE CHRISTIAN! This lasts for several min, before Bryan begins to show signs of life, Christian cuts it off by attacking the injured legs that Bryan has sustained throughout the match. Christian goes for the pin, but Bryan yet again kicks out, Bryan is now in comeback mode, a turnbuckle backflip followed by a clothesline takedown. He mocks the crowd, locks in the YES Lock! and Christian taps out! END OF MATCH. ** Time of Match: 14:10

**Daniel Bryan grabs a microphone and begins to speak**

Daniel Bryan: YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! I, Daniel Bryan have defeated the IC Champion Christian, and at Money in the Bank it will all culminate with my win over CM Punk! Do you people actually think that Punk is going to retain his title against me? Are you people joking? Let me take you back to Over the Limit, where Punk TAPPED OUT after I applied the YES LOCK, what does that tell you? Your savior, your anti-hero, is merely a joke that is going to get his ass handed to him at Money in the Bank. And I promise that at Money in the Bank I will become the new WWE Champion!

**CM Punk's Theme Song HITS, he enters the ring hand in hand with AJ**

CM Punk: You got a big mouth for a small man. I mean I know you're small, I asked AJ. Aha, Bryan you may think that you're going to win the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank, but I know, and the entire WWE Universe are sure as hell that over my dead body will you take my championship. I won this championship at Survivor Series, and I have overcame the odds to maintain it. Royal Rumble against Ziggler, the EC Chamber, a TLC match. I proved to everyone that this kid can hang, and at Money in the Bank, I will prove to you why you will never become WWE Champion.

Daniel Bryan: Look I'm not jealous that you took AJ, I mean I know exactly what to expect from her, and you'll see at Money in the Bank the amount of havoc she will cause you, and the amount of you troubles she will put you through. But unlike you, I'm smart, and I moved on, and now I am set to become the WWE Champion.

**Daniel Bryan sidekicks CM Punk, AJ attends to Punk, while Bryan rolls out the ring screaming YES! YES! YES!**[/B]


Heath Slater: The WWE Universe, has been looking down on me for FAR too Long, and at Money in the Bank, I will put every opponent into irrelevancy. Because Heath Slater said so!

**Stone Cold's Entrance Hits (EXTREME POP)**

**The two men lock up, Slater hits a few shots, Stone Cold hits the spinebuster, then finally with a Stone Cold stunner, and pins..1...2..3... END OF MATCH** Time of Match:1:30**

**Dolph Ziggler's Theme Song**
**Jack Swagger's Theme Song**

**The match begins as the two men lock up, Dolph Ziggler begins with the advantage using his collegiate wrestling ability. This lasts several min, Ziggler performing takedowns after takedowns. He goes for the pin but Swagger easily kicks out. Ziggler continues to take the advantage as it looks like Swagger is hopeless. Cole and Lawler commentate about Swagger and Ziggler's tag team history as Ziggler hits a perfect drop kick. He goes for the pin but yet again Swagger kicks out. Ziggler goes for the sleeper hold, Swagger reverses this, and it looks as if Swagger is showing signs of life before Ziggler stops him dead on his tracks. He goes for the Fame-Asser, Swagger reverses into a roll up, as Ziggler kicks out. Swagger performs his comeback, and it all culminates with the Swagger Bomb, he goes to the middle rope, attempts the Swagger Bomb, but misfires, as Ziggler rolls away. Ziggler hits the Fame-Asser on the dizzy Swagger, but Swagger kicks out at 2 Ziggler becomes frustrated Swagger goes for the roll up, but Ziggler kicks out. Ziggler hits the Zig-Zag, and pins Swagger.1..2...3 END OF MATCH** Time of Match: 15:45

BACKSTAGE: Stone Cold and CM Punk

Stone Cold:
Punk, I wish you luck tonight in the main event, but more importantly Money in the Bank. Bryan is one hell of a talent, and you're gonna need to give a hell of a performance to beat him.

CM Punk: Aha, I'm sorry Austin, but the last time I checked your opinion doesn't matter here anymore. I will beat Daniel Bryan at MITB, but I swear to god, if you end up being the WWE GM, then we are going to have a serious problem.

Stone Cold: What? (The crowd laughs)

**CM Punk shakes his head and walks out**

**Chris Jericho's Theme Song**
**CM Punk's Theme Song with AJ**

**The match begins as the two men lockup, CM Punk begins with the early advantage using his mixed martial arts incorporated into this match. Jericho has seen it before, as Cole and Lawler commentate about their Wrestlemania match. Jericho looks to be on the receiving end of a Punk ass-kicking, as Punk continues to beat down Jericho. This lasts for several min, as Jericho begins to show some signs of life late in the match. He trades blows with Punk, attempts the Walls of Jericho, but it was easily returned by CM Punk. Jericho hits a clothesline, and now Jericho is on the attack. He attacks Punk for several min, and hits the Walls of Jericho, Punk desperately looking for the ropes. Daniel Bryan's theme song hits, he sits near commentary laughing at Punk's misfortunes. Punk uses this as motivation, he finds the ropes, as Jericho lets go as the Ref begins to count, Jericho attempts the Codebreaker, he misses, Punk is now in his comeback. A calf kick, followed by a clothesline, followed by an arm-trap neckbreaker. CM Punk then goes to the top rope and pays tribute to Randy Savage with the elbow drop. He is about to Jericho to sleep, Jericho counters Punk to the ropes. Jericho runs to Punk, Punk dodges, and hits the running high knee followed by a bull dog, he gets Jericho up attempts the GTS, Jericho counters into a Codebreaker and pins..1..2..3.. END OF MATCH**Time of Match :17:10

**Daniel Bryan enters the ring as CM Punk is down.and kicks him in the head, CM Punk is down, and Daniel Bryan locks in the YES Lock, AJ runs in defense. Daniel Bryan looks at AJ while he has CM Punk in the YES lock, and is chanting YES throughout the entire arena. Daniel Bryan lets go, and grabs the WWE Championship. He climbs to the top rope and poses for the fans as RAW comes to a close.**


World Wrestling Entertainment (2012-Present)
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