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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by Choke2Death View Post
A better example would be Daniel Bryan IMO. He was starting to get over just fine as World Champion then they tried to bury him hard at Wrestlemania with that 18 seconds crap to the point where he would be tossed to the curb and a jobber doing absolutely nothing. Then he got over to the point where he can battle Cena, Punk, Orton and whoever else for the most over in the company and they had no choice but to give him something to do. And now they've done their best to make him relevant without giving him a World Title by making him a comedy heel with Kane. I mean, yeah, that's some pretty funny stuff they're doing (even his haters here admit it) but Bryan and Kane both are better than being comedy characters.

The problem is Vince's stubbornness. He only pushes those who he likes. Take Alberto del Rio for instance. No one gives two fucks about him in the audience but he continues to get title runs, title shots, beat top guys, win gimmick matches and anything you can possibly think of. But he still can't get a reaction to save his life. Then there's someone like Zack Ryder. Yeah, he sucks and is a jobber at best but he got over and got a push while he was at his hottest. Quickly they turned him into a stupid geek that was tossed around by Kane and outsmarted by Eve until he once again became a jobber that comes out and loses in 1 minute long squash matches to Alberto. Or take Christian for another example. I know he's old now and all, but he was extremely over last year and could have done something good as World Champion but they cut his legs off before he even had a chance and now he's a jobber and never even shows up to Raw or SD. If somebody gets over despite not being liked by Vince, they'll do anything to sabotage said person's momentum. But if it's Vince's pet project, he'll continue to shove him down the audience's throat and never give up. The question remains on whether he'll ever stop the Del Rio push but that's always the example to use for "pushed despite being unimportant".
Don't forget that Ryder also had the burden of being saddled with John Cena as they tried to use him to quell Superman's boos. Then once the boos started to subside they quickly tossed him to the curb while Cena went straight back to the main event in classics against Laurinaitis and Big Show...

I'm still pissed off about Christian. TNA took him in and gave him an opportunity and he showed that he can be a legit main event star. Vince just doesn't see it because he's a senile old fool, so instead of capitalizing on what TNA was able to do with him, he went right back to being a nobody.

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