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Re: Why the fuck do people think feminism is about equality?

Oh I "caught on" all you keep posting is how Arabs "abuse" women and you're ignoring the entire idea of the thread to try and make it seem the feminist movement is about saving women from evil men like yucky Arab men.For fuck's sake your first post you posted on this thread was "bullshit" meaning you thought I was sexist because of my fucking race,You're a fucking joke.Muslim men are not the mad devils you westerns claim them to be and I'm an ex muslim who hates islam yet I have to admit this.

Men who do bad things to women here in the middle east? Fuck them,But they are not the representatives of all Arab men.Hitting women alone is a HUGE taboo here in the middle east,Oh wait you live somewhere where you think we live in tents and ride camels and sell and buy women! Fucking moron.

Ever heard of Andrea Dworkin? Or perhaps Valerie Solanas! What a bunch of lovely ladies who happen to be feminists....And don't you fucking dare give me that representation argument with "bad feminists" because feminism as a whole has changed today's world and isn't a fucking race like me being Arab.


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