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Re: Why the fuck do people think feminism is about equality?

Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
I fucking hate how most women mistake feminism as something just when in truth its a disgusting vile filthy concept.

The patriarchy never did fucking existed,Its all made up garbage.Women were treated like ROYALTY with less responsibility back in the past and now they're treated like victims who get special treatment for having a fucking vagina.

Feminism was created by MEN who wanted women to work and aided by women who hated men "mostly lesbians".

I hate feminism and all that it has caused to the world,Because of feminism society degrades men on a daily basis and gives women so much fucking respect to the point where its literally ass kissing not "respect".

I actually live in the middle east and thank goodness here in the middle east feminists don't really exist,All the females I know hate feminism.

And no I'm not some sexist Arab nutcase I actually respect women but I don't however see them as equal to men,That does NOT mean I think men are better than women we are just both DIFFERENT.

I wish more people would actually do their research on feminism and look up the first feminists and see how hateful and crazy they were.

Holy shit! A rant I actually agree with, good shit. Involving feminist, there is way too many fucking double standards nowa days. Like when I worked for walmart, I kept hearing rumors that women who work for walmart get mistreated and I wondered who the hell said that shit because all the women that I worked with were treated better then the men. In fact all of the supervisors were women.

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