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Re: Dean Ambrose Pre-Debut Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Eddie Ray View Post
your points are convoluted and make no sense. you came onto an AMBROSE THREAD so what the hell do you expect. I've only seen him mentioned in passing on other threads, being raised as a possible person for a storyline, perfectly reasonable, nothing wrong with that OR threads bitching about him which kinda count as an ambrose thread.

your argument is literally "it annoys me, so instead of ignoring it and moving on with my life, i hope he gets fired" that is not hyperbole my friend, that is basically what you are saying.

Also, can I just make one more point...if everyone is apparently talking about him then surely thats for a reason. stop being a wrestling hipster, there is so many of them these days. "i dont like X cause X has sooooo many fans and thats just not cool".

also no, the ECW comment had nothing to do with you, I was responding to the guys giving their ideas, ya know, on an Ambrose thread.
I wasn't being literal when I said I wanted him fired. I ended my main argument with with how I truly feel which was asking some of you to calm down when it comes to him. The only way you could interepet what I said as reaffirming that I want him to get fired is if you took what I orginally said literally and read my next post with that perpestive.

And I'm not being a wrestling "hipster", which ironically you are since you said you like Ambrose because he's the antithesis of everything you don't like in the WWE. I'm still a fan of Amrbose, but I'm tired of his overzealous marks.
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