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Re: TEW2013 Announced

The Extreme Eye/Personal Assistant has been updated

#30: Personal Assistant

The Extreme Eye has been revamped and upgraded in TEW2013, becoming the new Personal Assistant. There are three key changes.

1 - The PA is a list located right in the middle of the office and is always open and automatically updated as you move around; this means there is zero clicking involved to see what items are being shown as it's always visible. This improves upon the Extreme Eye, which required you to click to load it and see what it said.

2 - The vast majority of the items the PA brings up are hotlinked; that is, double clicking will jump you immediately to the screen you would need to address it. For example, double clicking "Wolf Hawkins has yet to be assigned a push" jumps you straight to the roster screen and straight to Wolf's entry.

3 - The PA looks at more things than the Extreme Eye, so there are far more helpful notices and alerts to aid you.

#31: Alternate Assistant Screens

The Personal Assistant list can also be altered, via the use of a series of tabs that run underneath it, to provide alternate versions. These alternates are:

- Quick Finance: Gives an overview of your financial state (i.e. allowing you to see the basics without needing to load the normal Finance screen).

- Recap Last Show: Gives the results from the last show you held.

- Quick Roster: Gives a list of all the workers under contract; again, all are hotlinked.

- Birthdays: Gives a list of everyone on your roster who has a birthday this month, plus their age.

- Booker's Advice: Gives a list of topics (i.e. "Scheduling Shows", "Managing Your Finances", etc) that pop-up detailed explanations of how to handle them in TEW2013. This is essentially a How To Guide \ Advance Help File without the need for leaving the game.
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