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Re: How to make Cesaro and the USA title revelant ? (hoselupf)

Like I said prior, I think it's just as important to incorporate the United States titles' importance to him, and what makes it valuable to him. Through Cesaro eyes the United States runs the world, and in fact this doesn't make him jealous. Even last night you hear Antonio make a reference to the "American Way" to put our noses where they don't belong. That may be true, but it only adds to the stereotype that he is playing right now.

The WWE need to be more creative, and "Go Against the Grain" here. Have him sit ringside, and talk about what he knows. Cesaro has been on his own wrestling for years, and we know this as fans outside of the WWE, or through NXT from Regal's commentary. Just like Bryan, and Punk made their names on the outside of the WWE, so did Cesaro. When asked about Brodus Clay, Cesaro should have been without words, because in all reality who the fuck is Brodus Clay outside of the WWE? The same can be said for a ton of wrestlers in the WWE. Many of them did nothing for themselves on the independent scene. Cesaro has plenty of time under his belt.

Hell, have him lie, and say that he could have been in the WWE years ago, but he then decided to play Rugby. Even though we know he has never played Rugby, and he should play it off as if the WWE had been chasing him for years. I think he should break "kayfabe" briefly just to tell the fans that he hasn't played Rugby since his days in high school back in his homeland. He says that the WWE did everything they could to hide the fact that he was already a "Superstar" before signing with the WWE.

Have him talk about how he was part of one of the greatest tag teams to never show themselves on WWE television, and have him mention KOW. Cesaro explains that every great tag team has that one star that accomplishes so much more, and Antonio explains that this star is obviously him. Because Cesaro says that one day he got that "call", and his partner never did. He explains that he moved on to greatness while his partner remains in his past.

Antonio should say that he wanted a title that truly represents power, and strength. He goes on to say that yes Punk may be "The Best In The World", but The United States runs the world, and he is The United States champion. His character actually takes form around the notion of his views of the United States, and the United States Championship. Even "face" champions don't say this because it's borderline "heel", but now you have this foreign born "heel" saying all this positive stuff about the United States. I think it's innovative enough to get him over. All the while criticizing Americans for being lazy, unintelligent, and self-righteous. He must also get rid of Aksana, and replace her with someone better like Natalya Neidhart.
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