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Re: This has to be the most disturbing event in wrestling history!!!

Originally Posted by Last Chancery View Post

Honestly, I'm convinced a good half of CZW, if not more, is bodily mutilation for the sake of it, and not wrestling. The other half is probably pretty good, but not the half that's just dudes wailing on one another with something sharp or made of glass.
People have told me it's good, but it's like getting through snuff movies just to watch really good porn, it's impossible. I couldn't sit and watch it in fear something like this would end up happening. Glass and other weapons will forever have no place in wrestling. It's diabolical and disgusting, and the minds that like it aren't wrestling fans. I don't think you can watch a technical match and a match were somebody is hung by meathooks and have the same reaction.

Actually, I'm not thinking they aren't wrestling fans, I just can't get it into my head how you can enjoy that.
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