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Re: Supposedly Miz vs Cara Match Was Edited

I love how people are so quick to attack the Miz here. The Miz isn't a bad worker at all, for the most part most of his matches are free and he actually does have a pretty decent and creative moves set, the problem he has is utilizing all his former finishers (Mizard Of Oz, Shoulder Jawbreaker, Low DDT, Reality Check) as regular moves and spanning the across a match. He just kind uses a move than abandons it completely, but that's a different subject. He isn't a bad worker, he's just very average. Besides missing R-Truth, I can't think of a time where he really fucked something up.

I'm a Sin Cara fan, I really am, but I've gotta call a spade a spade and he's consistently botching, he's done better recently, but he's dangerously messed a lot of moves up. You can attribute it to his opponents not knowing his style, and that does hold some merit, but ultimately Sin Cara is the one at fault. I can't stress that I like him enough and I think he has potential, but him working with Rey extensively is the best thing that can happen to him. Sin Cara needs to dumb his style down, and Mysterio has done that. He's done it for a different reason, but he's done it and successfully and is still one of the best in ring workers in the WWE in the past few years he's had incredible matches with Ziggler, Punk, and Jericho and his showing in the Elimination Chamber a few years ago was amazing. He can help Cara learn the WWE Style while adapting a less is more concept. Sin Cara flies around the ring and 160 mph, working sloppy making his spots less remarkable than they really are. He worked a match with Del Rio a few months ago where he ironically dumbed down his set and I think its one of his best WWE matches. He also needs a finisher that everyone can sell too, and I think he's creative enough to pull off something spectacular but still easy to sell, Miz couldn't sell his La Mistica DDT and Dolph Zigger, one of the best workers in the company, nearly died trying to take his C4 from the top rope.
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