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Re: ROH "Death Before Dishonor X" - 9/15/12 Chicago Ridge, IL

Originally Posted by Last Chancery View Post
I don't want it dead, I just want them to hit the reset button and drop Sinclair. They picked the wrong time to decide to be the #3 promotion. With guys like Danielson, Nigel, Black, Daniels, Hero, Claudio and others all leaving within two years of one another, I'm not exactly sure how, or why, ROH thought it was a good idea to get a TV show. The company was fine before -- probably not nearly as widespread or profitable, but they were at least good at what they did and made the most of what they had at their disposal.

Seriously now, just go back to the DVD-and-occasional-iPPV format. It worked. I can't imagine ROH is doing any better, profits-wise, by having all these screw-ups, literally every single month. It's getting ridiculous and it's costing them a ton of money. I also can't quite understand how a wrestling promotion owned by a broadcasting company cannot capably air its live events. It's mind-numbing, really, and the sad thing is they're not likely to do anything about it.
I think the problem is they've just invested too much money at this point.

I agree though that if they had just kept the previous format, now with an increased budget, it would have worked. The increased budget could help ROH do a lot of things without spending too much. It's an argument that I fight every time I discuss ROH in this manner. They did 2,500 iPPV buys and were growing with every show before Sinclair television started. Since, they haven't touched 2,000 and won't even get 1,000 again for a LONG time, if ever. So you alienate your true audience, which is enough, imo, to be successful, and meanwhile you haven't attracted a single fan from television. I'm not going to blame them for a lot, but at least try and transition back in ways to the previous style/format.

Who really knows though what Sinclair's personal objectives are.

It really annoys me how in two years when they close up shop, the problem and excuses will be everything but the product. The booking right now is just awful awful stuff. It's so tough to watch one of their shows and no one gets over except for the supreme exceptions.

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