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Re: WCW: 1998

WCW Monday Nitro
Live from Baltimore, Maryland!

A video is shown, of Sting with half of his facepaint gone. The camera zooms out and shows him holding the WCW Heavyweight Title high in the air. Hollywood Hogan and Eric Bischoff are shown walking backstage, both limping noticeably. “The Balance of Power has shifted” flashes across the screen as stills of the nWo receiving beatdowns at Starrcade are shown. Bret Hart is shown for a split second looking almost coldly at Sting as Sting celebrates his title win.

*Nitro Intro*


There are balloons and streamers and bells and whistles all over this episode of Nitro!

*Nitro Intro*

The music plays again and Larry Zbyszko comes down the ramp. He gets in the ring, and grabs a mic.

Larry Zbyszko: “First and foremost, I am proud to say, to each and everyone of you. WELCOME to W-C-W Monday Nitro. Not nWo Nitro, not WCW/nWo Nitro. WCW Nitro. Last night, at Starrcade, I proved that if you fight for something good, you will be never be fighting a losing battle. I thank you all for the opportunity to talk to all of you, and I hope you enjoy the show!”

Tony Schiavone: Hello fans, and welcome to WCW Monday Nitro on TNT! We have quite a bit going on this evening, and hopefully we will be addressed by J.J. Dillon regarding the WCW Title. Last night was a great night for WCW, but we are not out of the woods yet. Hogan is demanding a rematch, and Dillon is going to be making a decision on the bout from last night

Mike Tenay: The fans will not be happy if Hogan is given an opportunity to regain that belt here tonight, and there is, of course, still the issue of the finish to last night’s match. Hogan pinned Sting, and Bret Hart came and reversed the decision!

Tony Schiavone: I watched the tape with you earlier, professor, and what did you think of the pin by Hogan on Sting?

Mike Tenay: I have a BAD feeling about what J.J. Dillon is going to say when he comes out here later… I thought it looked like a clean pin to me.


First Match: Scott Steiner (with Rick Steiner) vs Booker T (with Stevie Ray) Scott and Booker are fighting for pride here, and it’s a good back and forth. Steiner using his strength and Booker using his agility to each gain the upper hand at different times. Booker went for an axe kick, but Steiner caught him and gave him a leg hooked belly-to-bell suplex. Steiner then locked Booker in the Steiner Recliner. Booker tried and tried to escape as Stevie Ray tried to will him out of the move, but the move was too much and Booker was forced to tap.
Winner: Scott Steiner

After the match, Stevie and Rick enter the ring, and Scott grabs a mic. He says that the nWo only has one belt left in their possession, the Tag Team titles. Scott says that WCW has many deserving teams, but none more than the two in the ring right now. Scott says that Hall and Nash’s time with that title is also coming close to an end.

Tony Schiavone: What a fantastic match, and Steiner is right! The Outsiders will have to face a WCW team at some point in order to keep their tag titles!

Backstage: Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko are sitting in a locker room. They are silent, Malenko is tying his boots and Benoit is taping his wrists. The door opens, and both look up.

Ric Flair: “Woooooooooooo Dean Malenko, wooooooooooo Chris Benoit! Tonight, you two are going to rock the Flock! Woooooooo and guess wooooo what? I’m going to be in your corner! Wooooooo (looks back and forth at the two men)…. Wooooooooo!”

Mike Tenay: It’s the Nature Boy! And it looks like Flair will be in Malenko and Benoit’s corner for tonight’s match!

Tony Schiavone: If I were Raven and the Flock, I would be afraid. Raven likes to fight dirty, but now he’s dealing with the dirtiest player in the game!


Second Match: Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko (with Ric Flair) vs Raven and Saturn. Raven sits in his corner, with his back in the ropes, and tells Saturn to take care of it. Raven refuses to move. Malenko and Benoit take turns beating up Saturn, but everytime they make a move towards Raven, Saturn is able to keep them away. Finally Ric Flair gets up on the apron and starts to kick Raven. The Nature Boy goes completely insane, kick Raven. The ref calls for the bell. Flair gets in the ring, and starts to stomp Raven into oblivion. Flair locks on a Figure Four Leg Lock, and Malenko has Saturn in a Texas Cloverleaf. Benoit heads up to the top rope, and hits a headbutt on Raven.
Winner: Saturn and Raven by DQ

Tony Schiavone: The Nature Boy Ric Flair has lost it. Months of frusteration came out onto Raven right there, and he is hurting, Mike

Mike Tenay: And I tell you what, Benoit and Malenko didn’t look to shabby either. Ric Flair might have something here! Benoit could obviously use all the help he can get to take care of The Flock, and who better than The Man of 1000 Holds and The Nature Boy?

Backstage: Scott Hall and most of the nWo are making their way toward the ring, but missing are Hogan, Bischoff, and Curt Hennig.

Tony Schiavone: Scott Hall is making his way out here? Now?

Mike Tenay: Sure looks that way, but it’s not on any of my rundown sheets?

Tony Schiavone: Well, I guess we will find out in a moment.


*Ne-Ne-Ne-New World Order*

Scott Hall, Buff Bagwell, Syxx, Vincent, Ray Taylor, Scott Norton, Randy Savage, Konnan, and Rick Rude make their way down the ramp. Hall has a mic, and tells the sound crew to “shut that shit off!” Shit is bleeped out, but everyone knows that Razor said. Hall and the rest get into the ring and Hall starts to talk.

Scott Hall: “Last night, the nWo’s leadership dropped the ball. Hogan, Hennig, Bischoff, all you had to do… was show up. Show up, and get a victory in the bag. You found a way to screw it up. Do you feel it? Hogan, do you feel it? The heat?“

Hall waits a moment for the crowd to realize what he is saying.

Scott Hall: “We had everything rigged, you promised us, there was no chance anything could go wrong. We came into Starrcade with 3 Championships and walked out with 1. WCW won, mang. I hate it. I went home last night, and I called the only guy I knew wouldn’t let me down. I asked him what do we do now? What can the nWo do to move on? Starrcade was a…”

Hall is cut off by “Voodoo Child” Hollywood Hogan, Curt Hennig and Eric Bischoff appear on the stage. Bischoff has the mic, and Easy E, as usual has his smug smirk.

Eric Bischoff: “Scott Hall, I don’t know what you are talking about, but everything is fine. J.J. Dillon is going to take one look at the tape from last night, and the strap will be back around the waist of Hulk, and we’ll be alright!”

Scott Hall: “No way, mang. The nWo is a sinking ship, and this guy is jumping off the ship, and the rest of these guys are coming with me…”

Hall and company exit the ring, and start to make their way out of the ringside area by jumping a barricade into the crowd. Hall turns back towards Hogan, Bischoff and Hennig,

Scott Hall: “Oh and were taking this guy with us!”

A fan sitting right next to where the group exits stands up, and holds his hand high in the air forming a “W” with his hand. He removes his hat and hoodie to reveal that its Kevin Nash! Hogan and Bischoff are livid.

Tony Schiavone: “I think, I’m not entirely sure, that we have just seen the end of the New World Order!”

Mike Tenay: “Even if it isn’t, their numbers are greatly depleted."

Bischoff, Hogan and Hennig are at the top of the ramp, just looking dumbfounded. Bischoff tries to speak, but no words come out. His creation has just fallen apart right in front of him. Easy E finally comes back to his senses.

Eric Bischoff: “Well. Well. Well. I see how it’s going to be. I am still the Vice President of WCW, and I can still make matches, so tonight, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash will be taking on Sting and Bret Hart! For the WCW Tag Team Titles! Think you can ruin me? Ruin us? I have to help decide on a Number One Contender for the Title, Hogan. You’re my man, and hopefully JJ Dillon agrees with me. Curt, you will be taking on Diamond Dallas Page at Souled Out, and you had better win…”

Nitro cuts to a commercial as the camera shows a close-up of Bischoff and Hogan looking livid, and Hennig chewing on his gum nonchalantly.

Tony Schiavone: What a Main Event we have for you all tonight! The Outsiders will take on Sting and Bret Hart for the Tag Team Titles. This will be Hart’s first match in WCW!

Mike Tenay: I don’t know if Sting and Hart will win, but I promise you that Hart is a master technician, and will put on one hell of a match!

Third Match: Chris Jericho vs Disco Inferno for the WCW Television Title. Jericho comes out after Disco and tells him “I am the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla! Disco is dead, and so is your title reign Disco!”
Jericho runs to the ring, and the two start to brawl, Jericho has the upperhand throughout the match and doesn’t let Disco breathe. Jericho gets Disco on the top rope and hits an enziguri. Jericho then goes for a Lionsault and nails it. Jericho starts to get excited and goes to lock on the Liontamer, but waits too long and Disco rolls him up for the 3 count.
Winner, and still Television Champion, Disco Inferno

Jericho loses it. He starts to throw stuff at ringside. Jericho grabs a mic and says that he is sick of losing and he won’t be leaving the ring, until he wins a match.
Goldberg’s music hits, and the Beast makes his way to the ring. Goldberg holds his hand out and asks for Jericho’s mic. Jericho, obviously about to crap his pants, hands it over.

Goldberg: “Who’s Next? I’ll tell you who is next… Disco Inferno! I want a title match, Disco you’re next!”

Jericho has been staring at Goldberg, and decides that while Goldberg marches around the ring, now would be a good time to attack. Jericho attacks him from behind and goes hard after Goldberg, but he just can’t overpower him. Disco comes back into the ring, with the title belt, and is about to deck Goldberg with it, but accidentally hits Jericho. Goldberg spears Disco and then Jackhammers Jericho onto Disco. Goldberg’s music blares as he marches back up the ramp.

Backstage: JJ Dillon is making his way toward the ring!

Tony Schiavone: Havoc in the ring, and here comes JJ Dillon, hopefully he can sort out some of this mess!

Mike Tenay: I hope so, because the sooner it’s resolved the better!


Nitro comes back with JJ Dillon already in the ring. He is holding a few papers, and he is looks stressed.

JJ Dillon: “First, regarding this… whatever just happened in the ring, I see only one way to solve it. At Souled Out, there will be a three way match between Disco Inferno, Chris Jericho, and Goldberg for the WCW Television Title… The World Tag Team Titles will be defended at Souled out, by whoever the champion is after tonight: against the winner of a match between Harlem Heat and the Steiner brothers, next week on Nitro! Now onto why I am really out here (takes a deep breath) ok, look, I hate to do this I really do, but I re-watched the match and can’t allow Sting to be the Champion. Last Night, Hollywood Hogan pinned Sting and despite what Bret Hart says, the match was over at this point. I have no choice in the matter to rule at my own discretion…”

*Hitman in the House*

Bret Hart comes out onto the apron. He is dressed to wrestle, but he has a mic for now.

Bret Hart: "JJ… I think you are missing a big part of what has happened, Hollywood has cheated time and time again to retain that belt, and it was high time for a changing around here. I believe that according to WCW’s official rule book, all decisions are up to the discretion of the referee. In this case, I was the ref, and I made a decision. Sting is the Champ, and that’s final"

JJ Dillon: “You do have a point, but I’m afraid that I have the final say. Before you interrupted me, I was about to say that Sting will remain the champion, but he will be forced to defend the title against Hogan at Souled Out, that match, will be a No Disqualification Match!

*Voodoo Child*

Hollywood storms past Hart, pushing the Hitman out of his way, as he makes his way toward the ring. Hogan is more livid than he was earlier. He tells Dillon that this is despicable. He was screwed. He takes a swing at Dillon, but Hart has made his way down to the ring and grabs the arm of Hogan. Hogan and Hart circle as Dillon escapes the ring. Hart and Hogan go back and forth until Hennig runs in and starts to attack Hart. The two remaining nWo members beat down on Hart. Sting drops down from the rafters, title around his waist and bat in his hand.

Sting chases Hogan and Hennig out of the ring, and the two back down the ramp, directly into Diamond Dallas Page, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Page hits Hennig with a Diamond Cutter, and Hall and Nash grab Hogan and drag him back to the ring. Hart and Sting drop the bat outside the ring, and as soon as Hall and Nash enter the ropes, with Hogan, the bell rings.

Fourth Match: Sting and Bret Hart vs Scott Hall and Kevin Nash for the Tag Team Titles.
Nash asks to borrow Sting’s bat, Sting is cautious but drops out of the ring, and rolls it to him, and Nash conks Hogan across the skull with it, and the match begins. Sting starts the match for his team, and despite getting worked the whole match, refuses to tag in Hart. During the match, DDP makes his way back to the ring and stands guard on Hogan. Hall hits the Razor’s Edge and goes for a pin, but Sting kicks out at two. Suddenly DDP disappears from camera view. Hogan has him down on the ground and is beating him viciously. He hops onto the apron near Hart, and drags him down to the floor. The ref missed it. Hart and Hogan are going blow for blow again, but the ref is distracted by Hall and Nash doing a beat down on Sting. Hogan is able to hit a big boot on Hart, and he gets back on the apron. Sting finally makes his way out of the Nash and Hall corner and comes toward his corner for a tag, but only finds Hogan, who nails him directly in the forehead with a hard punch. The bell rings.
Winner: Bret Hart and Sting. Hall and Nash retain

Hogan full-fledged attacks Sting, Hart comes into the ring and gets a beat down by Hall and Nash. Hogan goes to raise Nash and Hall’s hands but the Outsider’s pull away. The Outsiders grab their belts and exit the ring. Hogan just looks at them in disbelief.

Tony Schiavone: Son of a Bitch! I knew Hall and Nash wouldn’t leave Hogan behind!

Mike Tenay: I don’t know Tony, it doesn’t look like things are so great in nWo land still, and I think Nash and Hall still have to decide where their loyalty lies

Tony Schiavone: Then why did they attack Bret Hart? The nWo is alive and well, Professor, alive and well! Son of a Bitch!

Nitro goes off the air, with Sting, Hart and DDP all out around the ring area, and Hogan standing tall, staring at the Outsiders.


WCW 1998: be the booker

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