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Re: Why do so many people hate Justin Bieber?

It was admitted that Luda wrote his verse for the cypher. But as for all the clips on the radio stations, you're just reaching. Thats like saying because Ne-Yo wrote "Irreplaceable" for Beyonce (which was 1 of her biggest hits), he must write all her music.

And it's not that people are sheep, they have their own tastes and just because it's different than what you like doesn't mean it's wrong.

I don't listen to Frank Ocean, may have heard 1 or 2 songs from him. So, I really don't have an opinion on the guy. But, you know like I know why he's not on the top of the charts. Majority of the world is homophobic. I gurantee he lost fans by admitting to his past. Now, I'm not going to say he's better than Bieber or worse because it's people out there that support both and both are doing good for themselves.

It will be a revolt on Nicki Minaj from the black community quicker than any other artist. I mean, seriously, do you think the entire world is going to stop buying these people's records? They are diehard fans. I mean, let's say you're a fan of the Miami Dolphins. A true fan wouldn't stop supporting them because others claim they suck.

And in case you didn't know, 60& of the music industry is phony, 35% are closeted homosexuals and the other 5% struggle to stay relevant. People been grew tired of the same old shit and Bieber isn't the main problem, it's fans who think all aspects of music should cater to only them and those who share the same tastes of them.

I'm not about to sit her and complain about what kind of music is being put out, seeing as how I haven't purchased a CD in over a decade. I don't allow myself to be consumed by the mainstream appeal of certain artists and the fact that so many are annoyed by somebody like Bieber (who is completely avoidable), it shows they have fail victim to whats trending or are wanting to seem cool by lashing out over what mainstream society accepts.

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