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Re: WWE Forum Championship Presents: Night Of Champions (Prediction Game)


It took me about 3 and a half hours, but I did all the results by myself (not complaining here). I am sorry if I made a mistake, just get in touch with me. Remeber only 7 matches were on the card; the divas match was thrown out and the Punk/Cena match was declared a draw, which noone predicted.

Forum Championship
Proc(c) (21) vs New_guy (19) New_guy got some nice spots in, but in the end the better man retained the company's most important title; Proc wins.

World Heavyweight Championship
WWEESky(c) (24) vs New_guy (19) New_guy can't win this one neither. An impressive performance by WWEESky, who keeps his WHC for at least another month; WWEESky wins.

Intercontinental Championship
First Blood Match
Proc vs Camaster2004 The company's most accomplished man wins his 3rd (which is another record) division title. Will he be able to dominate the divisional title picture as he does the Forum Championship title picture? The time will tell; Proc wins.

United States Championship
New_guy(c) (19) vs Shining_Wizard1979 (20) (due to no show of brazilian_guy) It was a close battle, but still no luck for New_guy. Shing_Wizard1970 brings another gold to his new formed tag team with Proc. This team now holds all single Championships, but WWEESky's WHC; Shining_Wizrad1970 wins.

Tag Team Championship
Newguy(c) And Airtroublein619(c)(New Trouble) (33) vs R.K.OPeep and Netty(RKO.Net) (29) A bad performance from both teams. Matches like this are the reason for the lack of attention the tag-division gets. New Trouble retains, but still should be ashamed of their actions. Longterm they will have to step up their game big time, but at the moment the present is the only thing that matters; New Trouble wins.

US Division

R.K.OPeep (13) vs TheUltimateSmark (23) What an easy payday for TheUltimateSmark. R.K.O.Peep got squashed like a bug. The veteran had no chance; TheUltimateSmark wins.

Pwoper (21) vs TheVoiceless (21) Nice match, a little bit of a weak finish. Good performances by both men end in one of only two draws on the card; Draw.

DTB1986 (24) vs Ho Ho Inc (14) DTB1986 had no problem turning the veteran Ho Ho Inc into a W. Although Ho Ho Inc could not live up to his potential in any way, tonight DTB1986 probably would have beaten pretty much anyone; DTB1986 wins.

netty (16) vs Shivvi (15) Poor match. There was a lot of controversay at the end of the match. Refs overruled one another and noone really knew what was happening. Somehow, a justifying end to this stinker. But the final decision stands; netty wins.

Phenomenal X (18) vs BrothersofD3struct (2) (no, that is not a mistake on my part) Some people thought this was just another Fingerpoke of Doom. There will be lots of talking about this in the upcoming weeks. Still, PhenomenalX obeyed all the rules; PhenomenalX wins.

Shining Wizard1979 (20) vs WelshMizfit (22) The new US Champ focused on his title match, but not on his divisional match. A good match including a very good performance by WelshMizfit; WelshMizfit wins.

new_guy (19) vs ech0es (16) Considering last month's perfect score New_guy disappoints a little bit this time. He lost all his title matche, but it was still enough to win his match against an also disappointing ech0es; New_guy wins.

N-Zone (22) vs WWEESky (24) The Match of The Night. N-Zone looked very good and would have beaten most other guys on the card. But not WWEESky. The WHC Champion impresses again and gets the W; WWEESky wins.

Hordriss (25) vs heggland0 (10) Hordriss just looks awesome. Heggland0 stood no chance and got destroyed as soon has he stepped a foot in the ring. Jobber, go back to the indys; Hordriss wins.

IC Division

Gimmicky (22) vs mgibb02 (22) Very nice match, but another screw finish. Both men can be proud on their performances, but have to be disappointed with the result; Draw.

Turbo120 (16) vs sonicslash (23) Sonicslash wipes the floor with a weakened Turbo120. Will the MitB holder be able to rebound next month? Who is next on sonicslash's list? Sonicshlash wins.

Kane-UK (21) vs RaymerWins (19) Competitive match, but RaymerWins loses. Kane-UK is one of the few veterans who stood a chance against the newcomers; Kane-UK wins.

Camaster2004 (19) vs I Curry I (21) Another competitive match, but Camaster2004's focus wasn't on the division match. Some say it should have been because it was obvious he wasn't going to win his title match. I Curry I doesn't care about this and simply picks up the victory; I Curry I wins.

Daniel.Bryan (17) vs DirtSheet88 (26) Daniel.Bryan shocked everyone last month, but didn't stand a chance against this month's highest score. Respect goes to DirtSheet88; Dirtsheet88 wins.

#Mark (12) vs hanshanshans911 (18) Kind of a stinker. Just get it done and let's move on; hanshanshans911 wins.

SarcasmoBlaster (21) vs AirTroublein619 (14) AirTroublein619 couldn't fly no longer. SarcasmoBlaster had no problem stomping his opponent; SarcasmoBlaster wins.

CaptainObvious (22) vs Proc (21) A very close and good match, although it was obvious that Proc had more important battles to fight this evening. Still, in all record books CaptainObvious pinned the Champion Proc in this non-title match. This will raise some eyebrows; CaptainObvious wins.

AwesomeOne (11) vs Dragzila (23) Dragzila stepped up in the last second after having some travel issues. He did well and gave Awesome1 no chance. Not that Awesome1 would have had a chance against anyone else neither; Dragzila wins.

SinJackal (20) vs ZigglerMark (19) Close fight, but in the end the newbe counts the lights. SinJackal had a little bit of controversay before he went to the ring, but it didn't matter in the end; SinJackal wins.

Tag Team Matches

Due to not having a lot of tag teams, i am just going to add random people into tag teams, if you wish to change your tag team then put a message on here

Proc and Shining_Wizard1979 (41) vs TheUltimateSmark and WWEESky (47) The champions had to go against one of the strongest teams on the card. Some might say there could be a conspiracy, but both Proc and Shining_Wizard1979 had to concentrate on their single's gold.
ZigglerMark and CaptainObvious (41) vs hanshanshans911 and SinJackal (38)
Dragzila and Gimmicky (45) vs camaster2004 and Daniel.Bryan (36)
new_guy and Airtroublein619 (33) vs TheVoiceless and I Curry I (42)
ech0es and heggland0 (26) vs Turbo120 and Pwoper (37)
SonicSlash and N-Zone (45) vs Hordriss and Kane-UK (46) Awesome fight. Tag match of the Night.
#Mark and Ho Ho Inc (26) vs Dirtsheet88 and WelshMizfit (48)
AwesomeOne and Shivvi (26) vs DTB1986 and RaymerWins (43)
Phenomenal X and SarcasmoBlaster (39) vs BrothersofD3struct and mgibb02 (24)

1) Dragzila was not on the card, although I see no mistake on his part. Dunk20 got humbled, so I don't think he will come back. Dragzila and Dunk20 had the same amount of points. So I kicked Dunk20 off the card and instead put Dragzila in Dunk20's spot vs. Awesome1.

2) Some people forgot 1 pick and/or failed at predicting the way they are supposed to be. I only counted their correct predicted predictions.

3) No perfect scores this time. Lowest score BrothersofD3struct with 2 points. Highest Score DirtSheet88 with 26 points. 28 points were available.

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