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Re: Texas Justice Mafia - GAME THREAD

Originally Posted by Magic View Post
the last full game I played, mafia in mafiaville, I caught scum. In fact, I was the only person to catch scum and get them lynched. that's doing something if you ask me.

you've played quite a few mafia games so I would HARDLY consider you new.

how do you know he was avoiding the thread and not just really busy? it was the weekend after all. there's also not much someone can do to defend themselves from a day one wagon with no reasoning behind it. what was he suppose to say, "please don't lynch me"?
Well, I didn't play that game so my statement still contains THE TRUTH. I may also not be brand new to mafia, but I'm still pretty crap at it and I've never denied it. Even as crap as I am I have caught scum myself, plus I've won two games as scum. Not too shabby for a beginner.

Chest-puffing aside though, I still believe the Pez wagon has merit. Yes, he might be busy. Yes, the mod may have had a reasonable reason for ending day like that even if it was, in your words, very misguided.

However, with nothing much else to go on, those two pieces of circumstantial evidence together do not equal, in your words, incredibly stupid.

Do you propose we just create random wagons instead? That's what day 1 is for. You flap about if you want, but I'm going scunting.

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