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Re: Who should beat Sheamus for the World title?

Honestly, I don't care if there's a World Champion at the moment. It's a meaningless title that has received throw-away booking and shitty placement for far too long. If they announced that, starting today, the World Heavyweight Championship would be retired, I wouldn't even blink an eye. That's how little I care about the WHC title scene. I would have literally no interest in that news.

The Smackdown title scene is an absolute mess. Sheamus, Ziggler, Del Rio & Orton have all faced each other way too often. I don't want to see any of them win the title out of fear that I'll have to watch them wrestle each other again. They have no options, and Sheamus' booking is too strong for the good of the brand.

Ziggler winning is futile. He'll just wrestle Sheamus and Orton for a while, then drop it back to one of them. Del Rio is in the exact same position. Ditto for Barrett. Sheamus could feud with Orton, Henry or Barrett. Orton could feud with Sheamus, Henry or Barrett. It's all be done to death, and there aren't really any options for the WHC on Raw either.

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