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Re: Brian Lilley: The Muslim riots are not about that shitty YouTube video

Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
You keep telling yourself that even though I'm assuming you don't even live in the middle east.
What would that have to do with anything?

You misunderstand.
No, you failed to properly get your point across in a coherent, sensible manner. I'm not dumbing myself down to conduct a dialogue with you.

I know there are forces here in the middle east but they NEVER do anything and they're a few too.
Right, but they don't have to do anything. WHY ARE THEY EVEN THERE? Why does the United States even have a military presence there? No Middle Eastern government openly attacked our freedom or way of life, so why the show of force?

No I don't believe in the Fox News garbage or any of these news stations I get my information on Arabs and muslims by actually talking to them and living with them.
You probably live with Easterners who have been influenced by Western culture. They're not the ones who are rioting. It's the common folk who herd sheep.

America and Saudi Arabia for example are best friends,Really they are.Most Arabs is most Gulf nations fucking love America and are happy they have forces there,I don't think you;d believe me but thats the damn truth.
Okay, that's cool, but you still haven't given a solid reason as to WHY. Your posts are long on words to make it look like you know what you're talking about, but it lacks any type of point. It's good that they like us and all, but what is the point of wasting government resources to support a military base in a friendly country then?

I like how you just reply with a "LOL" because you can't actually give me evidence
Again, it doesn't have to do with anything, and you'd be smart (that's asking too much from you, I know) to not try and put words in my mouth to make yourself look like you actually have a point.

that countries like Yemen or Egypt have ever faced much of anything from America.I bet you're going to google something right now,Heh.
Egypt has never faced anything from America? We didn't have our hand in the cookie jar when they had their revolution early last year? The United States didn't drop bombs on the Arabian Peninsula of Yemen in 2009 killed hordes of civilians?

And you're God-damned right I Googled it. That way, I can actually make points and have stuff to back it up, not just, "I talk to people.".

Most middle eastern mostly muslim immigrants over at the west have no respect for the "customs" of west
Do these Middle Easterners live on armed, active military bases inside of western countries? If not, then you have no point...again.

and even try to change it and oh have I forgotten the suicide bombers or the raping muslims do in Australia or western nations like Sweden?
That are carried out by extremist organizations NOT OF THE MIDDLE EASTERN GOVERNMENT. Christians have extremist organizations, as do Jews, and probably every other religion known to man.

You're right about western forces kinda being a "bully" but middle easterns are not much of the "good guys who happen to be victims" either.
I never said they were. I'm of the opinion that we need to leave them the fuck alone so they can fire their AK47's in the air and herd their sheep in peace without Army and Marine infantryman doing patrols around their property while predator drones fly overhead.

Their failures in being economically horrible nations,
Well, I would take solace in this if I had need seen first hand how "economically horrible" Pakistan and Afghanistan are. Think about that for a minute. Middle Eastern countries without western support really are bad. I'll give you that.

But, the United States, the "most powerful" and industrial country in the world with all the technology we could ask for, stockpiles of weapons from New York to Los Angeles, and the decided advantage of tanks, military vehicles, and aerial support, all of our logistics...after almost 10 FUCKING YEARS, is at a virtual stalemate with humble goat herders who pick up AK's to defend their homeland against international bullies.

A lot of good being economically viable did us, eh?
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