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re: TV SHOW discussion thread (NO FUCKING SPOILERS please)

Finished Person Of Interest today. HOLY FUCK IT'S GOOD. Like maybe the best season from the 2011-2012 TV season. Probably just pip Homeland over it but it was better than Game Of Thrones Season 2 and that shit was fucking good.

Spoiler for thoughts:
Reese's character kinda irritated me at first because the emotionless stuff came off as shitty acting at first but then as the show really gets going and you get more answers it transcends away from them moments and into more ridiculously badass moments. "No, but it tastes good" and "we should meet up for drinks one time" were crazy awesome. Every bit of the last episode was crazy awesome actually. Paid off so much stuff so well and left so much stuff still open for the next season. I was spouting about the Blackwater episode of GOT being the best single episode I've ever seen. Well this one was just as intense and enthralling. Swerve with the cute chick was really fucking good. Normally swerves are either tedious or stupid but this was brilliant. Was hoping they'd pay the secret hacker who knew Harolds name story off and I was kinda looking out for it but never put them dots together. Better mean more of her next season because she's cute and the only thing this show is lacking is cute chicks.

Finch is fucking awesome btw. Episode where Reese finds his ex fiancee was heartbreaking. Then he said he created an app to alert him if he ever came within 100ft of her. That's bossy. Flashbacks are all brilliant actually on that note and I'm not normally crazy about constant flashbacks but they fit in perfectly. Jessica flashbacks are heartbreaking. Guessing this season will have more of John's old agent partner in the current time. That shit will be great. Still need to find out what happened with Nathan as well. How the fuck did they plant so many seeds across the season, pay so many of them off and still leave so many way open. Oh and we still need to know how Finch got his limp. I was so proud of myself when I called Finch being the guy in the wheelchair when John found out Jessica was dead. Oh and that episode where Finch's drink gets spiked with ecstasy. Classic.

I hope Elias comes back into the story somewhere too. The first Elias episode might have been the best of the season excluding the finale. Again the swerve was perfect and impossible to see coming but made sense. He's too good of a character to just lock up and leave to die.

My usual flaw with cop dramas like this is that 3 quarters of the season are stand alone episodes and don't impact the big story bar maybe like the last minute of an episode. Was a single episode of that season that was guilty of that? Loved how seamlessly they tied in something that seemed so stand alone into the big story of the show.

Anyone else get constant Batman vibes from the show too? I mean in a good way though.

Oh and how great is Fusco. Bit where him and Carter pull up to save John's ass in that shootout had me flipping out.

Get on this people.
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