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Re: Brian Lilley: The Muslim riots are not about that shitty YouTube video

Originally Posted by GlassBreaks View Post
I was going to take the same route that I took in the other thread when dealing with you, but this post is just too ignorant for me to ignore. As much as I'd love to poke fun at how clueless you appear to be, it's a personal calling for me to enlighten you. I'm your own personal Damien Sandow, Gandhi.
You keep telling yourself that even though I'm assuming you don't even live in the middle east.

They're the ones that YOU KNOW have shit going on. Surely you're not so stupid (which I'm starting to doubt) as to believe that we do not have Special Troops/Forces Battallions on the ground right now in EVERY SINGLE Middle Eastern country? Or do you believe that CNN, Fox News, and NBC report every single military factoid? A simple Google search will bring you to a article that claims rioters clashed with security forces outside of a military base in Afghanistan.
You misunderstand.I know there are forces here in the middle east but they NEVER do anything and they're a few too.No I don't believe in the Fox News garbage or any of these news stations I get my information on Arabs and muslims by actually talking to them and living with them.America and Saudi Arabia for example are best friends,Really they are.Most Arabs is most Gulf nations fucking love America and are happy they have forces there,I don't think you;d believe me but thats the damn truth.

Or so you say. LOL.
I like how you just reply with a "LOL" because you can't actually give me evidence that countries like Yemen or Egypt have ever faced much of anything from America.I bet you're going to google something right now,Heh.

I think that they hate that we went over there in the early 1990's and never left. I am a veteran of OEF X. Going over there and changing their mentality which has been imbedded since biblical times is an impossibility. It's as simple as that. ISAF and NATO forces over there have a complete and total disregard for the customs of the Middle East. It would be akin to me walking in your house and breaking every single household rule you had set forth because I'm the big, bad bully in the neighborhood.
Most middle eastern mostly muslim immigrants over at the west have no respect for the "customs" of west and even try to change it and oh have I forgotten the suicide bombers or the raping muslims do in Australia or western nations like Sweden? You're right about western forces kinda being a "bully" but middle easterns are not much of the "good guys who happen to be victims" either.

Their failures as what? They don't want us over there. They riot, revolt, rape, and kill to get their point across.
Their failures in being economically horrible nations,Other than the gulf "which are helped by america most of the time and the west" most muslim nations are garbage to live in and I'm not saying that because they're muslim communities I'm saying it because even muslims hate living in muslim countries thats why muslims MIGRATE to the west to find jobs and actually have a FUTURE there.I'm not some american lover "I hate nationalism" or somebody who hates Arabs,I'm just being real about things.
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