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Re: Sheamus v Del Rio- HIAC?

This is the problem with the damn Hell in a Cell PPV...

Every feud in the cell needs some sort of intensity/history:

2011: Cena/Del Rio/Punk - A culmination of the "summer of Punk", leading into the conspiracy angle.
2011: Orton vs Henry - The exception. Not much history to the fued, but Orton having to have his rematch against the monster inside the cell made it intriguing.

2010: Kane vs Undertaker - Does anything need to be said? These two just needed a HiaC match together at some point
2010: Orton vs Sheamus - Decent cell match, but there was no intensity to the feud because it had been overshadowed by the Nexus all summer (why oh why wasn't Cena vs Barrett a cell match? It was the perfect situation...).

2009: Punk vs Undertaker - Punk weasled his way out of the title match at Breaking Point and Taker wanted his revenge in the cell. A reasonable enough justification for one I reckon...
2009: Orton vs Cena - Inevitable. The two were having a major rivalry encompassing every match stipulation and a cell with the 2 biggest stars at the time made sense.
2009: Legacy vs DX - Another long rivalry that focussed on Legacy's ability to split DX apart to take them down, a cell match sort of made sense...

Now, as we approach the 2012 version, we're likely to see a one-on-one cell match between Punk and Cena (which I am absoultely fine with), two guys who haven't faced each other that often this year, but have developed a heated rivalry based on their past bouts.

On the other hand, Sheamus and Del Rio have been feuding with each other since April (that's 6 months by the time HiaC rolls around), with little variation in their matches (Fatal-4-Way & Dolph substitution aside). There is history, but there is absolutely no intensity left in this anymore (especially since Sheamus has come out on top every time). In an ideal world, Sheamus and Del Rio would've had their blow-off match at MitB, with Sheamus winning and then facing say, Orton at Summerslam. Sheamus vs Orton could continue onto Night of Champions where I would've had Barrett make a return and distract either guy (doesn't matter).

In that scenario, you have a potential triple threat HiaC featuring Sheamus, Orton & Barrett with some fire to the feud and some "fresh" history...
- Sheamus & Orton were teasing a competitive rivalry before RKO got suspended
- Sheamus & Barrett had a mini-fued at the start of the year that wasn't ever really finished
- Orton & Barrett obviously have some bad blood between them from the Barrett Barrage last year and even the Nexus feud the year before.

This situation means you're not just replaying Orton vs Sheamus from a few years ago, but you're introducing a fighter like Barrett who I think would relish being in the cell environment (particularly with the 'fight club' type character he's come back with).

Ziggler can just bide his time until Sheamus isn't champion. He's been brogue-kicked too many times to make it credible. You could have Orton win the cell match, but have Barrett continue attacking him before the cage is raised. As the EMTs attend to Orton and Sheamus fights Barrett off (kick-starting a proper non-title feud between them), Ziggler could make his entrance and cash-in MITB. Orton is in the Mysterio position of being credible enough to withstand a very short title "reign", without his reputation being damaged (like Ziggler's was) and it keeps Dolph away from Sheamus.

Del Rio can go and suck an egg or something... way too many title shots this year.

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