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Re: Brian Lilley: The Muslim riots are not about that shitty YouTube video

Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
I'm sick of all this "America's been bombing the middle east and occupying land" shit.
I was going to take the same route that I took in the other thread when dealing with you, but this post is just too ignorant for me to ignore. As much as I'd love to poke fun at how clueless you appear to be, it's a personal calling for me to enlighten you. I'm your own personal Damien Sandow, Gandhi.

I'm Egyptian and I've been all around the middle east,NOTHING ever goes on here. Did you see any Iraqis do whats supposedly happening over the video? Did you see Afghanistanis get pissed? No and THEY'RE the ones who have shit going on.
They're the ones that YOU KNOW have shit going on. Surely you're not so stupid (which I'm starting to doubt) as to believe that we do not have Special Troops/Forces Battallions on the ground right now in EVERY SINGLE Middle Eastern country? Or do you believe that CNN, Fox News, and NBC report every single military factoid? A simple Google search will bring you to a article that claims rioters clashed with security forces outside of a military base in Afghanistan.

ALL the countries "except Libya" that have made a big deal about this video have NEVER been bombed or attack by the U.S and are not occupied.
Or so you say. LOL.

They are just fucking muslims who hate everything the west stands for.
I think that they hate that we went over there in the early 1990's and never left. I am a veteran of OEF X. Going over there and changing their mentality which has been imbedded since biblical times is an impossibility. It's as simple as that. ISAF and NATO forces over there have a complete and total disregard for the customs of the Middle East. It would be akin to me walking in your house and breaking every single household rule you had set forth because I'm the big, bad bully in the neighborhood. You wouldn't get pissed?

The only people ruining the middle east ARE middle eastern people in power themselves,Arabs just pathetically like blaming the world for their failures.And muslims who really as pissed at the movie are literally like immature spoiled little brats.
Their failures as what? They don't want us over there. They would leave us alone otherwise, I think. They riot, revolt, rape, and kill to get their point across.

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