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Re: WWE 2011: Pushing the Boundaries


Kevin Nash Strikes Again!

Last night at Night of Champions, Kevin Nash made another unannounced and unexpected appearance to cost CM Punk the WWE Championship for a third time. Nash was able to interfere in the WWE Championship Six-Pack Challenge Elimination Match despite the security for the Niagara Center being severely stepped up with an extra team of security and WWE COO Triple H even going as far as to recruit WWE Superstars such as David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty to be on the doors to the arena on the lookout for Nash, but all these efforts proved futile as the seven-footer was still able to penetrate all of the security.

The point which Nash chose to interfere at was right at the end of the match, where Punk and the defending champion Alberto Del Rio were the only two men left in the match following the eliminations of The Miz, Kofi Kingston, John Cena & R-Truth. After the champion having taken lots of punishment so far in the match - including an Attitude Adjustment through the announce table from Cena - managed to lay low for the majority of the match, but he showed why he was the WWE Champion with a spirited comeback against Punk, but the former champion was able to get onto the upper hand. Punk had just hit the GTS on Del Rio, which would have surely secured the pin fall and the championship, but it was then he noticed Nash at ringside.

Nash hopped the barrier and entered the ring. Punk tried to fight Nash off, but Nash knocked the worn down Punk to the mat, and taking advantage of the No Disqualification stipulation of the match he planted Punk to the canvas with a Jackknife Powerbomb. Nash made his exit, and Ricardo Rodriguez draped the body of his employer over Punk which allowed him to retain his championship under the very dubious circumstances.

Punk will no doubt be looking for answers tonight on Raw as he vies to figure out the reasoning for these attacks, that can no longer be deemed random.

World's Strongest Champion!

In one of the biggest shocks of Night of Champions, Mark Henry won his first World Heavyweight Championship in a Six-Pack Challenge Match also including Sheamus, Wade Barrett, The Great Khali, John Morrison and the former champion Randy Orton. After a hotly contested match that displayed many defining moments of the whole Pay-Per-View, the most being when Henry ploughed his arch-rival Sheamus THROUGH THE SIDE OF THE STAGE. Amazingly, this only kept Henry down for a couple of minutes, and he came back to almost win the title but he was distracted by Sheamus making his return to the match. Sheamus came back and took out everyone else in the match before landing a Brogue Kick on Khali, but Henry came back and stole the pin and the championship from under the Celtic Warrior's nose. In doing so Henry continues his run of dominance he's been on since joining Smackdown and he shows no sign of stopping yet.

As well as the World Heavyweight Championship, the WWE Tag Team Championships and the Divas Championship were the only other titles to change hands. Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov,The Odd Couple, won the WWE Tag Team Championships together for a second time, dethroning David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty. Also, in one of the favourite moments of the nigh for the fans in attendance was when Beth Phoenix lifted the Divas Championship into the air after defeating Kelly Kelly to reach the top of the Divas division.

Right, just a bit of news to let everyone know that this thing is still alive. Night of Champions felt really good to write, and for my first full PPV, I was really happy with how it came across. A huge thanks to everyone that left predictions, and also to Calum, Shawn, Terry, FlyinStyles, Diablo, Jam and cp. Getting all of those comments were great to see and I really appreciate it, so thanks a bunch guys <3

Anyway, the next Raw is a work-in-progress, almost half done I'd say. I've literally just started college today so I'll be sure to get around to finishing it when I find my rhythm and stuff. Peace.
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