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Re: Apple iPhone 5 + iOs6

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post
Why would I bring up the shapes copyright? Is that a serious question? They're all afraid of competition, they went out and copyrighted shapes...

They sued Samsung for a rectangular phone with rounded edges. They can quite literally sue every phone maker on the planet if they choose to. And I'm the one who has no grasp of real world business....

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You're not very bright are you?

Let me make it easier to understand. How often do you see Sony sue Panasonic for making rectangular flat screen TV? Never. Is the shape and dimensions of Sony's TV patented? Yes it is (OMG THEY ARE COPYRIGHTING SHAPES?!) but so are many other components of the TV like the antenna, RF input, display etc which all contribute to the OVERALL functionality of the TV. Now if Panasonic were to design a flat screen TV that had the same shape, dimensions and functionalities to the exact degree as the Sony TV, then Sony would have a right to claim patent infringement because their Panasonic is making money off of Sony's copyrighted product.

Apple's legal claim isn't on a rectangular touchscreen phone with features like pinch to zoom, but on how their features on the their touchscreen phone such as how their pinch to zoom reacts as well as how fine-tuned it is. And that is what Samsung infringed, and that's why Apple was able to win a billion dollar lawsuit.

Apple doesn't OWN the patent for a rectangular rounded touch screen phone....or if you want me to dumb it own for you even further, Apple down't OWN the shape known as a rectangle. They own a patent for THEIR rectangular phone DESIGN and it's SPECIFIC functionalities.

It's HILARIOUS that you actually believe they can sue every other phone making on the planet for rectangular phones. Because every car company can sue each other for designing body frames that support circular wheels right? Muppet.

Christ, please don't ever consider going into any occupation involving patents.

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