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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

NSPW Kickoff 2012

Radd Adams vs Markus Blade
Proof that you don't need two good wrestlers to have a fun wrestling match. Adams wrestles like a scrawny little kid who looks like he's got no wrestling training but he looks like a scrawny little kid with no wrestling training so it works. Then you put the kid in the ring with a fatty and factor in a really lively crowd and it's hard to go far wrong. Crowd were awesome all show show for this. Instead of having a guard rail to block them off from the action they have a row of tables which I can't believe another Indy has never done before. Looks cool for starters and creates a ton of noise for when people bang on them. Short and to the point with all the right outside factors. This was fun. I love how this match attracts a hotter crowd inside a Canadian community hall than a ROH show has for over a year.


Alex Silva vs Michael Style
Again two guys who really aren't all that good but that doesn't mean you can't have a fun short match with them. Style brings what looks like his trailer park trash parents to the ring with him which instantly makes this good and gives the crowd a really easy good guy/bad guy divide to get behind. WWE should just go to the trashiest trailer park and pick up the trashiest couple they can find from every city they go and put them at ringside to cheer a heel. Instant heat. The woman is a fat mess but trashy looking fat whores cheating behind the refs back is why I love wrestling. The dad actually does a really cool springboard enziguri. About as much fun you can have with a 5 minute wrestling match between two guys who don't have it technically.

Damian Steele & Giovanni vs Pee Wee & Johnny Jack Spade
THIS. WAS. AWESOME. Might be my favourite Indy match this year outside of PWG. I kinda jokingly said to myself during this Steele and Giovanni were the best tag team on the Indies based on this and it's not as far from the truth as it sounds. They're fucking killers. Super stiff strikes that make you genuinely sorry for the guy on the receiving end. Awesome control segment workers which is such a rarity these days anywhere, nevermind on a little show in Canada. Babyfaces are decent but they have some fun aerial spots that get over and one of them takes a great beating. This is the Steele/Giovanni show though and I need to track down as much of these two as I can. KO by Lariat is my favourite finish ever too. THIS is how you fucking hit a lariat my son.


Urban Miles vs Judas
Ok this wasn't that great and not in the Adams/Blade sense where technically it wasn't good but it was fun. I got the face/heel dynamic totally wrong at the start. Fat guy acts like a douche who can't wrestle but thinks he can and controls the start. Automatically assume he's the cocky heel but then it transitions into the actual heel control segment and it turns out the other guy is working heel. Can't remember which was which now because I watched it last night but the guy working heel actually turned out to be a really good heel worker. Antagonises the crowd at every turn and does a great job of looking dominant in control. Match was good but didn't quite click.

Kevin Steen vs Matt Falco - NSPW Championship
Some guy comes out and starts talking in French which equals instant heat. Even in Canada apparently. Had no idea it was made a 3 way until the 3rd guy went for a pin and Steen broke it up. Starts off with Steen and Falco double teaming the douchebag but then Steen turns on Falco and seemingly goes the other way. Honestly, I thought Steen looked kinda lost here and wasn't sure what was going on. Match didn't really have any structure and they managed to lose the really hot crowd for a bit. Heel 3rd guy wins with a 450 which looked sweet but heels shouldn't really be hitting sweet looking 450's. Bit all over the place and surprisingly the least enjoyable match on the show. Steen talking in French is really weird.


Finlay vs Marko Estrada
Turns out the trailer park Dad is actually working Finlay in the main event. Amazing. It does mean a second dose of fat trashy whores cheating though. Transition spot where she hits Finlay is super and they pay it off nicely with Finlay returning the favour sort of to get her thrown out. Match is your typical good Finlay match from the last few years. Isn't your high end Finlay on the Indies match but that wasn't the aim. Estrada looked good in control and Finlay was great working from behind for the large chunk of the match. Really good little match to fill your Finlay need.


This show was super and the best part is only lasts just over an hour so it's real easy and quick to sit through. Best part actually was DAMIAN STEELE AND GIOVANNI. This is worth getting for that tag alone but on top of that you get a really good Finlay match and a super fun show with an awesome crowd. Why wouldn't anyone want to spend an hour of their life watching this.
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