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Re: The 2012 MOTYC thread

CM Punk vs John Cena - WWE Championship - Night Of Champions 2012
Match of two halves. First half I thought was really great and seemed to be progressing towards MOTYC territory if it carried on that way. It really didn't though. Positives out of the way first because yay for negatives. This felt like a major title match. Crowd probably didn't match Punk and Cena in that aspect but they worked a really good top dog vs top dog match. Played nicely off their history too with them both having counters for the others trademark stuff and being forced to bust out new stuff. Punk just kicking Cena's arm to counter the 5KS was sweet and Cena dropping the theatrics and just concentrating on landing the punch later was maybe the highlight of the entire match. Either that or Cena busting out a desperation suicide dive when the opening arose. Heyman's reaction to it was the absolute best. Heyman added a ton to this I thought. Looked like a manager thinking strategy on the outside rather than a cheerleader like Vickie is. There was a spot later on when Cena started taking control when Punk looked to him for a different game plan and Heyman just yelled "I'm thinking". Heyman's the best non wrestling character ever for me and he just continues to push forward ahead of anyone else. Punk's stalling at the start was really bossy and definitely intensified his heat. Then Punk hit a GTS and the match fell apart. Top dog vs top dog PPV main event so you know they're both gonna kick out of a finisher each. At least make them good stand alone near falls. These fucking sucked. Made both the AA and the GTS look like secondary moves the way they just threw them out there and they had no effect on the momentum of the match. Cena sells nicely during the first two thirds of the match but once the heavy artillery comes out he sells nothing. Finishers came out of nowhere and if you're doing a finisher kick out then it needs to be fought over and built to rather than just throwing one out there. The stuff they kicked out wasn't 100% the problem, it was the way they did the finisher near falls. They didn't even sell for a bit and then make a late pin to kinda protect the move. That moonsault. Holy cow. It's no secret that Punk isn't a very graceful wrestler but that took the biscuit. Knew as soon as he went up and had Cena positioned where he was that it wouldn't turn out well. Got nowhere near Cena with it and it looked ugly as fuck. Rock Bottom spot was neat. Crowd actually reacted to this time unlike during the Lawler match. I was fine with that not getting a 3 and that was actually a good near fall. Cena popping right up from it like he was playing possum sucked though. Actual finish wasn't that good either. Feels like they've done that double pin copout finish with Punk way too much this year. You could see it coming too. Cena never does a suplex from the middle rope so why is he going to that now? Shouldn't he have been going for an FU off there. Double small package would have been a lot better and had the same outcome. Remember when Shawn and HHH did the double pin finish in 03 I think and it ruled because it was a legit finish but Shawn just so happened to have his shoulders down too, rather than being an actual double pin spot. I think Shawn kinda did that pin risking his shoulders being down in the build to that match too. Would have been cool if Cena had started doing the suplex from the ropes in the build to the match and hadn't quite mastered it yet. Punk's reaction to keeping the title got pretty damn close to making up for the shoddyness though. That was amazing. Real shame that they ruined what was building to a really great match but there was still enough great stuff prior to the first GTS for me to still really like it.

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