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Re: WWE 2003

Monday Night RAW
Date: 7/2/03
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
Venue: Conseco Fieldhouse
Attendance: 12,480/ 12,480

The pyros explode and RAW starts off quickly. JR and King introduce RAW and that tonight, the final spot for the fatal four way match that has implications on the World Championship Match at Summerslam will be filled. JR says we arenít sure what the match is, nor who the participants are, but the RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff, is in the ring and he is expected to make an announcement regarding this. The camera zooms to Bischoff in the ring and Bischoff puts an evil doctor-like smile on his face. Bischoff opens up by saying that he has easily been the most successful General Manager in WWE history because of all the innovative, creative stuff he has brought to this company. He says that he thought of the fatal four way at Vengeance, which has so much stakes behind it. Bischoff says there is one more spot to be filled and he could easily make another one on one match, but tonight, he says his generosity got in the way.

Bischoff says that tonight, ten superstars will be handpicked to have the chance to be represented in the fatal four way match. He says these ten men will compete in an over the top rope match. He says that no GM would be this generous, ever. He tells the crowd to thank him for providing more entertainment than anybody in the back and anything they could watch on television. The crowd boos, but then Triple Hís music hits and the crowdís boos get even louder. Triple H comes out to the stage and he walks slowly down to the ring in his business suit. Triple H smirks and asks Bischoff how generous he really is. He doesnít let Bischoff speak and continues speaking. He says he wants the most generous general manager in the WWE to be generous and give the World Heavyweight Champion, the face of the WWE, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Triple H comes into the ring and he goes face to face with Bischoff. Triple H says he is sick of asking and wants to know where Stone Cold is and he wants to know now. Triple H grabs Bischoff by the tie, but Stone Coldís music hits and the crowd explodes. Austin makes his way to the stage and Austin says heís been sitting back and preparing for the Rock in thirteen days, but instead he hears a cry baby bitch every week in the ring. Austin says he is here now and he wants to know what the hell Triple H wants. Triple H tells Austin that Austin has shown zero respect to him and everyone should respect the Game because he is the World Heavyweight Champion, aka the best wrestler in the world. Austin looks confused and simply says what.

Triple H goes up to the ropes and yells at Austin. He says that he is going to kick Austinís redneck-self back into reality where he is no longer the best in the world. Triple H reminds Austin that he is no longer the ass kicker who wore the jacket, flipped the bird, and carried the championship around like he deserved it. Austin smiles on the stage again and tells Triple H that he has a message for him. Austin says that if he wanted to come back full time, he would be holding that World Title that Triple H has and he would make Triple H his bitch just like he did when Stone Cold was here full time, every night. Austin says he wishes he could come back every night and do this, but he says he cannot. He asks, however, the crowd if they want to see Stone Cold kick Triple Hís ass full time, give me a hell yeah. A loud hell yeah fills the arena and Triple H is angry.

Austin says he wants to embarrass Triple H now, but he has something he has to do first. He has to embarrass the Rock at Vengeance and Austin promises that he will come after Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam. He says that is going to win the championship at Summerslam, retire as the best in the world, and retire with Triple H his bitch. Bischoff sneaks into the conversation and tells Austin that there is nothing in the contract that says if he beats Rock at Vengeance, Austin is due a title match at Summerslam. The crowd boos and Austin says what to Bischoff. Bischoff says he could repeat it, and Austin just says what again. Triple H tells Bischoff to calm down and focuses on Austin.

Triple H says that Austin is just throwing empty promises to all of us and that he wonít even beat the Rock at Vengeance. Triple H says he wants Austin to beat the Rock so Rock doesnít get his shot at Summerslam, but he knows at the same time that Austin just isnít good enough to beat the Rock. Austin says that in two Mondayís from now, he will stand in that ring after beating the Rock and challenge Triple H for the title at Summerslam. Austin says that is a full glass promise and thatís the bottom line, cuz Stone Cold said so. Austin turns around to leave and the Rock walks out the curtain. Rock and Austin stare down each other and exchange some words. The words get heated and Austin flips off the Rock and walks away to the back. Rock stares down at the ring to Triple H and RAW goes to commercial.


RAW comes back on air and King says that he cannot wait until those three dragons in Austin, Rock, and Triple H clash finally. JR says it is only a matter of time, but it is, also, only a matter of time until this great nationís birthday. He says Smackdown! this Thursday will celebrate America and everything that is great about the country. He says the Great American Smackdown! will surely be a great show.

Match #1
Tag Team Match
Rey Mysterio & Paul London vs Tajiri & Ultimo Dragon

Mysterio and London make their way to the ring, followed by their opponents Tajiri and Ultimo Dragon. Rowdy Roddy Piper follows behind Tajiri, continuing to shout to the crowd about respecting Tajiri and that Ultimo Dragon respects Tajiri. They all get in the ring and Tajiri starts the match off with Paul London. Tajiri gets the early upperhand and London goes to tag in Mysterio. The crowd pops for the possible fight between the two, but Tajiri ends up tagging in Ultimo Dragon. Ultimo Dragon and Mysterio go at it and Dragon gets ahead with a set of German Suplexís. Mysterio leans against the ropes and Dragon goes to clothesline Mysterio to the outside, but Mysterio counters and tosses Ultimo to the outside.

London comes around and dives off the apron onto Dragon. Mysterio comes running over to Tajiri and hits a spinning heel kick. Tajiri falls to the floor. London and Ultimo are exchanging rights on the outside and Mysterio hits a plancha to the outside on London and Dragon. Everybody recovers and Mysterio tosses Dragon into the ring. Mysterio goes for a pin, but it is unsuccessful. Mysterio canít believe it and both men go for the tag. Mysterio gets the tag and London runs in, not allowing Dragon to get to his partner. London pulls away Dragon, but Dragon flips around and kicks London away. London bounces off the ropes and hits a drop kick to the sitting face of Dragon.

London continues to work over Dragon, until London sets up for the shooting star press in the corner of his partner. London climbs up the ropes and looks around in the crowd, taking his time. Dragon sees what is about to happen and rolls to the other corner to tag in Tajiri. Mysterio slaps the foot of the standing London and Mysterio is tagged in. Tajiri avoids the clothesline from Mysterio and runs to the corner with London. Tajiri knocks the feet from under London and London falls crotch first into the turnbuckle. Tajiri and Mysterio go at it rather heatedly. Mysterio gets the crowd behind him and wears down Tajiri. London runs around the ring and knocks Dragon off the apron. London comes in the ring and itís a running elbow to Tajiri. Tajiri stumbles around and Mysterio hits a drop kick, setting up Tajiri for the 619. Mysterio hits the 619 and the West Coast Pop for the one, two, three!

Winner: Rey Mysterio & Paul London
Piper pulls Tajiri out of the ring and he goes for the Cruiserweight Championship, but Mysterio quits celebrating and gets out of the ring. Piper is scared off by Mysterio before getting the title. Piper says that this means revenge and Mysterio smiles, as he takes the Cruiserweight Championship and holds it up high, as RAW goes to commercial.


Match #2
Hardcore Match for the Hardcore Championship
Kane © vs Rhyno

Rhyno makes his way to the ring and Kane follows. They both stand in the ring and Rhyno comes at Kane with no fear. Rhyno throws some right hands and Kane stands tall, as the punches barely affect him. Kane stands tall and Rhyno realizes what he is up against. Kane hits a huge uppercut to Rhyno and Rhyno falls to the mat and rolls into the outside. Rhyno realizes he needs to change it up and he grabs a steel chair. Rhyno brings a chair into the ring and once he stands up, Kane punches the chair and Rhyno gets hit and falls to the mat. Kane goes for the pin, but gets a two.

Kane grabs the steel chair and looks at it with no emotion whatís so ever. Kane goes to hit Rhyno with it, but Rhyno rolls out of the way. Rhyno gets up and shoulderís Kane in the back of the knee. Kane falls to a knee and Rhyno throws Kane to the outside of the ring. Kane falls to the outside with the chair. Rhyno goes to the outside and Rhyno goes to grab a steel chair. Kane is getting up and Rhyno hits him in the back. He hits Kane in the back again and Rhyno throws the steel chair down. He picks up Kane and goes for the whip into the steel steps. Kane reverses it and Rhyno goes toward the steps. Rhyno is able to stop his running before the steps. Rhyno is relieved and turns around into a big boot from Kane.

Kane picks Rhyno up and throws him into the corner of the barricade. Rhyno comes off the barricade into a clothesline from Kane. Kane picks up the steel steps and goes to nail Rhyno in the gut, but Rhyno rolls out of the way. Kane puts the steps down and gets frustrated. Rhyno gets up and Kane misses a big boot. Rhyno and Kane share right hands and Kane goes for an uppercut, but Rhyno avoids it and goes for the side belly to belly suplex to Kane. Kane blocks it, but Rhyno persists and hits the suplex to Kane onto the steel steps. The crowd cannot believe it and both men are down.

Rhyno drags Kane off the top of the steel steps and goes for the pin and gets a two count. Rhyno thought he had the title won and is shocked. Rhyno takes his time and picks up Kane slowly. Kane counters with a chokehold and Rhyno elbows his way out of it. Rhyno senses he is in trouble and gets away from Kane. Rhyno circles the ring and sets up Kane. Rhyno ends up setting up Kane and whips him into the steel steps on the other side of the ring. Kane hits the steps knee first and he is in pain. Rhyno goes under the ring and pulls some stuff out. He pulls out a baking sheet, chain, and another steel chair. Rhyno takes the baking sheet and chair with him. Rhyno nails Kaneís knee with the chair. Rhyno taunts the crowd and he is in control again.

Rhyno picks up Kane and taunts his knee. Rhyno kicks in Kaneís knee and Kane falls to a knee. The crowd boos and Rhyno goes to lift Kane up, but Kane counters with a chokeslam to Rhyno out of nowhere. Kane goes for the pin, but gets a two count. Kane cannot believe it and lifts up Rhyno. Kane hits a right hand to Rhyno and Rhyno pushes Kane toward the steel post to get Kane away. Kane hits the steel post lightly with his back and Rhyno sees a chance. Rhyno goes for a spear, but Kane avoids it and hits the steel post instead. Rhyno grabs his shoulder and turns around into a chokeslam from Kane. Kane goes for the pin and gets the three.

Winner: AND Still Hardcore Champion; Kane
Kane celebrates in the ring after the match, while Rhyno rolls around in pain. Kane walks up the stage and Rhyno gets up in the ring angry. Rhyno leaves the ring and runs up the stage to attack Kane. The two exchange right hands and Kane counters into putting Rhyno in the tombstone. Kane nails a tombstone on the ramp and leaves Rhyno out cold, as RAW goes to commercial.


RAW comes back on air with Gail Kim and Eric Bischoff backstage. Kim is sitting on Bischoffís lap, calming him down after the Austin confrontation in the ring. Kim is wearing an eye-friendly shirt and gets up to give Bischoff a massage. She whispers in his ear and Bischoff really seems to like it. He says he could rally get used to this and he turns his head so they kiss. Suddenly, the door is knocked and Bischoff is angry. They knock again, but Bischoff doesnít say to come in. The door opens and Trish Stratus comes in. Bischoff says this canít be happening again. Bischoff asks what she wants and Trish runs over to Gail and tackles her and grabs her hair in the cat fight.

Trish yells at Gail to give Trish her title back. Bischoff gets up and pulls Trish off Gail. Bischoff yells at Trish, asking her how dare she accuse Gail of stealing. Trish tries to reply, but Bischoff says that Gail does have Trishís title and that is only Trishís fault. Bischoff says punishment is due and tonight, Trish will be in a handicap match. He says that if Trish loses, Gail is the new Womanís Champion. Trish complains, but Bischoff warns her to leave now. Trish rolls her eyes and leaves. Gail looks over to Bischoff with a big smile and we go back ringside.

Match #3
World Heavyweight Championship Qualifier Match #4
10 Man Battle Royal (Booker T, Christian, Edge, John Cena, Mark Henry, Rikishi, Rob Van Dam, Scott Steiner, Undertaker, William Regal)

The superstars for this over the top rope ten man battle royal make their way out. The crowd pops for the tag team of Edge and Christian and the surprise appearance of William Regal. The crowd cheers for the ten men in the ring, as they all stand there and the bell rings. They all look at the Undertaker, who could be the front runner for this match. They crowd up on the Undertaker, until Rikishi ambushes Edge and Christian. All hell breaks loose and people are fighting in each corner. Edge and Christian team up against Mark Henry, John Cena is batting the Undertaker, and William Regal is holding his own against Rob Van Dam and Rikishi.

Scott Steiner is left in the middle of the ring looking for some action and he goes after Edge and Christian, who are working on Mark Henry. Steiner pulls Christian off of Henry and they exchange right hands. Edge helps out his partner and Henry clotheslines Edge from the back, taking him down. Henry and Steiner team up to eliminate Christian, while Rob Van Dam comes to pick up Edge and try to eliminate him. They lift Christian over the top rope and he falls down to the apron, where he rolls back into the ring. Steiner tries to attack Henry and toss him over the top, but Henry is too big and Steiner realizes he screwed up. Henry grabs Steiner and tosses him over the top rope to the floor. (ELIMINATED: SCOTT STEINER) Christian rolls away from Henry, who gets himself into a fight with John Cena.

Rob Van Dam is trying to get Edge out, but Edge wonít let RVD get him over the top. Rikishi comes and flips around RVD and hits him with the salvate kick. RVD falls back on the ropes and Rikishi goes for a clothesline, which RVD avoids. Regal comes running toward Rikishi and hits Rikishi with a clothesline, sending Rikishi over the top rope and to the outside. (ELIMINATED: RIKISHI) The crowd cheers for Regal. Mark Henry comes running toward Regal and Regal counters and puts Henry into a sleeper. Meanwhile, Edge and Christian are in the corner talking about their next move and Undertaker is working on Booker T in the corner.

Booker T tries to build momentum on the Undertaker, but Taker ends up hitting a DDT on Booker T. Undertaker waits for Booker to get up, but Christian comes running at the Undertaker and Taker throws Christian over the top rope. Christian holds onto the ropes and manages to stay on the apron some way, somehow. Booker gets up and Undertaker puts him in the chokehold and holds him high above the ring. Taker comes toward the ropes and slams Booker thunderously to the outside. (ELIMINATED: BOOKER T) Regal breaks up the sleeper hold smartly when Henry begins to get back up. Henry and Regal begin sharing right hands and Henry throws Regal into the corner. Henry is about to smash Regal in the corner, but Undertaker grabs Henry and throws him over the top rope, as Henry crashes to the outside. (ELIMINATED: MARK HENRY)

Christian stands on the apron, apparently looking a little woozy. Undertaker comes up to Christian and upper cuts him. Christian holds onto the ropes in desperation. Taker hits another uppercut and Christian holds on again. Undertaker goes for one more, but Edge pulls Undertaker away and tries to get him off Christian. Taker grabs Edge and tosses him over the top rope. Edge collides into Christian, sending Edge back into the ring and Christian flies to the outside. (ELIMINATED: CHRISTIAN) Undertaker is on a roll and he looks around until Evolutionís music hits. Undertaker is shocked, as Ric Flair, Randy Orton, Batista, and Triple H make their way out to the stage. Undertaker yells at Orton and tells him to get his ass in the ring now. Taker leans against the ropes and Regal comes running from behind and clotheslines Undertaker from behind, sending Taker to the floor. (ELIMINATED: UNDERTAKER)

Undertaker is livid on the outside, as Evolution smiles on the stage and makes their way to the back. Undertaker thinks about coming back into the ring and causing havoc, but decides to go backstage and after Evolution. Regal cannot believe he eliminated Undertaker and now there are four men left in the ring; John Cena, Edge, Rob Van Dam, and William Regal. Cena, Edge, and RVD stand in separate corners, as Regal stands in the middle of the ring. All four men know they have a chance to win a huge opportunity and they all look at each other knowing that this is their chance. Everyone is waiting for the man is going to make the first move, and Regal makes the first move, going after Cena. Everybody follows and corners Cena. They go after Cena and Edge tries to sneak attack RVD by throwing him over the top. RVD blocks it and elbows Edge to the middle of the ring.

RVD goes for a spinning heel kick to Edge, but Edge counters and RVD misses it. Edge scouts up RVD for a spear and RVD turns around. RVD avoids the spear and throws Edge through the ropes, but the second and third ropes. Edge crashes to the outside and the referees make it clear that Edge was not eliminated. RVD goes after Cena and Cena counters with whipping RVD into the ropes and hitting a running shoulder block. Regal comes over and Cena clotheslines him. RVD gets up and goes for a big boot to Cena, but Cena ducks under it and sets up RVD for the FU. Cena moves over to the ropes and goes for the FU to the outside, but RVD counters and lands on the apron. Regal comes and clotheslines Cena. Cena crashes into RVD and RVD crashes to the floor. (ELIMINATED: RVD)

Cena flies over the top rope, but holds onto the ropes while RVD has fallen to the floor. Cena is holding on for dear life and Regal is trying to get him off. The crowd is cheering and rooting for the best man to win. Both men are loved by the fans, but one man has to win. Regal hits Cena with a right hand and Cena keeps trying to hang on. Edge comes sliding into the ring and comes to help out Regal to eliminate Cena. Edge goes under the ropes and drives his shoulder into the gut of Cena. Regal hits a right hand and Edge hits another shoulder. Cena could no longer hold on and falls to the floor. (ELIMINATED: JOHN CENA) Cena hits the floor and Regal tries to flip Edge over the top, as well.

Regal cannot get Edge over the top and ends up throwing Edge down to the mat. Edge gets up and Regal hits edge with a forearm and then connects with a backbreaker. The crowd gets on their feet, as Regal looks around the crowd with a smile on his face. The crowd gets behind him and he picks up Edge. Edge breaks out of Regalís hold and whips Regal into the ropes, but Regal counters and whips Edge. Edge jumps at Regal with a flying forearm smash. Regal gets up and Edge jumps at him with a flying crossbody. Regal slowly gets up and Edge hits a suplex. Edge has all the moment at the moment, as the crowd keeps rooting for both men.

Regal gets up and Edge sweeps the legs of Regal, bringing him down. Edge comes with a bulldog to Regal, but Regal counters and tries to toss Edge over the top rope. Edge leaps over the top rope and onto the apron. Regal goes for a forearm smash, but Edge ducks and brings his shoulder into the gut of Regal. Regal backs up and Edge uses the ropes to leap high and hit a missile dropkick to Regal. Regal summersaults around and ends up using the turnbuckle to help him stand. Edge looks around for his shot and knows that he is close to winning. He walks up to Regal and Edge hits a few right hands until Regal starts punching back. Regal comes out of nowhere and pokes Edge in the eyes. Edge is stumbling and Regal comes from behind and hits a low blow.

Edge gets on his knees and Regal hops to the other corner of the ring. Regal looks around and has to catch his breath. He looks at Edge and comes running at him, looking for a Knee Trembler. Edge gets off his knees and lifts up Regal, who flies over the top rope and cannot hold onto the ropes and crashes to the outside. (ELIMINATED: WILLIAM REGAL)

Winner: Edge
Edge falls down on the mat and celebrates with him throwing his arms up in the sky. He has earned his shot in the fatal four way at Vengeance. Regal lies on the floor very upset, knowing that was his chance. Edge licks his wounds in the ring and gets up. The referee holds his arm up and RAW goes to commercial.


RAW comes back on air and Big Showís music hits. Big Show comes down the ramp, with Paul Heyman slowly following him from behind. They make their way into the ring and Paul Heyman grabs a microphone. Heyman introduces Big Show as a part of the most destructive duo in wrestling history. He says that Brock Lesnar and Big Show cannot be beaten as a team, as if they could have ever beaten alone. Heyman says that Big Show made the right decision to join the A-Team because before he joined the force, he was just another big, tall, freak that Vince McMahon loves. However, he is much more than a tall freak now that he is with us.

Big Show grabs the microphone from Heyman and smiles at the crowd, who is booing. Big Show says that the crowd boos now, but when he finally breaks Chris Benoit in half, he will be the man who gets booed by the children, adults, and old people that sit in these arenas. He says that he has beaten Benoitís spirit too much in these past couple of weeks and now it is time to let him get his confidence up. Show says he is going to lay off of Benoit until he faces him at Vengeance for the United States Championship. Show says one thing has to happen first for this to happen, and that is Benoit comes out here and accepts the challenge.

Show waits for Benoit, but Benoit isnít coming out. Show smiles and says he thanks Chris Benoit for everything he has done. He says that if he didnít lose at Badd Blood to Benoit, he would still be the same seven foot wrestler who only uses his height as an advantage. Show says that losing unleashed the beast inside of him. He says the reckless, not giving a rats ass-self came out and he enjoys it. He says he enjoys ripping peopleís heads off. He says he enjoys chokeslamming Benoit through announce tables and jamming the knockout punch into the ugly face of Benoit. He thanks Benoit one more time, but Show promises to end Benoit once and for all at Vengeance.

The crowd chants for Benoit, but Show says that their hero isnít coming out. Show says it is disappointing, but Benoit could simply be afraid that if he steps back into the ring with the biggest wrestler in wrestling, he will never be able to step back in the ring with no help. Heyman tells Big Show that he doesnít think Benoit is coming out. Show agrees and Show says that he expects an answer this Thursday at the ĎGreat Americaní Smackdown! because that is simply just the American way to do it. Showís music hits and him and Heyman leave the ring, as RAW goes to commercial with JRís concern for Benoit.


RAW comes back on air with DíVon and Bubba Ray Dudley backstage. They are sitting on two chairs and DíVon says he is still hurting after the Bashamís table attack the other night. DíVon says they need to do something about them because they have just been taking them too lightly lately. Bubba agrees and says that if itís a fight they want, it is a fight they got. Bubba promises DíVon that the Bashamís will get what they have coming to them and if it is a fight they want at Vengeance, it is a fight they are going to get.

Match #4
Handicap Match
If Trish Stratus loses, Gail Kim is the new Womanís Champion
Trish Stratus vs Molly Holly & Jazz

Molly Holly and Jazz make their way to the ring, followed by Trish Stratus. A lot is riding on this match for Trish. Trish gets double teamed to start the match and Molly and Jazz seems to have the upperhand. Trish tries to turn the momentum and knock out Molly, but Jazz hits Trish from behind. The duo continues to attack the vulnerable Trish and eventually Trish is close to getting pinned. Trish ducks under a double clothesline and Trish throws Molly Holly out of the ring. Trish begins working on Jazz.

Trish works on Jazz and Trish clearly gets the advantage on her. Gail Kim comes out from the back and the crowd boos. Gail comes up to the apron and Trish gets in her face after knocking Jazz down. Trish and Gail jaw at each other and the referee gets inbetween the two. Jazz gets up and goes for a clothesline on Trish, but Trish moves away and Jazz stops right before she nails the referee. Trish comes around and rolls up Jazz for the three count.

Winner: Trish Stratus
Trish celebrates and Jazz cannot believe it. Gail jumps down from the apron screaming at Trish. Trish smiles and gets her arm held high, as RAW goes to commercial.


Rene Dupree and Sylvan Grenier are backstage talking about the upcoming fourth of July holiday and how they donít know why Americans celebrate this disgrace of a country. Rob Conway comes running out of nowhere and runs up to his teammates. He asks Dupree and Grenier if they know that Thursdayís Smackdown! is all about celebrating America. Dupree slaps Conway and tells him that he obviously knows and it makes him sick. However, Dupree smiles and says that La Resistance has been given a great opportunity this Thursday and when they are done, everyone will be seeing royal blue and French pride instead of the sickness of the American flag.

Match #5
Singles Match
Kurt Angle vs Eddie Guerrero

Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero make their way to the ring. Both men are looking for wins, as momentum going into the fatal four way at Vengeance is going to be vital. The competitors get into the ring and stare each other down, as the crowd cheers for both and expect a great match. Kurt Angle and Guerrero start up quickly, tossing each other into the ropes and hitting back body drops left and right. Guerrero wraps up Angle from behind, but Angle counters and wraps up Guerrero from behind. Angle tries for a belly to back suplex, but Guerrero elbows out of it and pushes Angle into the corner.

Guerrero runs in the corner at Angle, but Angle moves and Guerrero runs into the turnbuckle. Angle swoops from behind and hits a belly to back suplex. Guerrero gets up into a clothesline and gets up to another clothesline. Angle goes for a pin, but gets a two count. Angle gets up and picks up Guerrero, but Guerrero sneaks in a poke to the eyes of Angle. Angle backs up toward the ropes and Guerrero runs at him. Guerrero hits a clothesline and both men fly to the outside of the ring. They lay around, but Guerrero picks up Angle and tosses him into the announcers table. Guerrero throws Angle into the ring and goes for the pin, but gets a two count.

Guerrero picks up Angle and whips him into the ropes. Guerrero misses a clothesline and Angle comes back with a clothesline, but Angle misses too. Angle comes back at Guerrero and Guerrero hits with a hurricanrana. Angle gets up, but Guerrero greets him with a drop kick to the knees. Angle goes on a knee, as Guerrero runs behind Angle and comes back with a bulldog. Guerrero sees Angle down and goes to the top rope. Guerrero waits for Angle to get up and Eddie goes for a missile dropkick from the top rope. Angle avoids it and Eddie crashes hard onto the floor. Angle goes for a quick Ankle Lock, but Guerrero spazzes out and ends up flipping Angle around and gets Angle to the mat. They both get up and Angle gets kicked in the gut and Guerrero goes for the vertical suplex. He connects and now goes for the other two amigos. He connects with the second and third ones. Guerrero gets excited and taunts, as he heads for the top rope.

Guerrero takes his time and goes up to the top rope. He poses for the crowd on the top rope, but Angle gets up and takes the feet out from under Guerrero. Guerreroís groin crashes into the turnbuckle and he is in pain. Angle makes his way up to the top rope and gets Guerrero into a superplex. Angle connects and both men are down, as the crowd is shocked. Angle crawls for the pin and gets a two count. Angle looks to the crowd for motivation and the crowd gets behind him. Angle picks up Guerrero and whips him into the ropes. Angle goes for triangle choke onto Guerrero, but Guerrero avoids it and rolls up Angle for a close two count.

Angle gets up with Guerrero and hits a belly to belly suplex out of seemingly nowhere. Angle pulls down the straps on his shoulders and applies the Ankle Lock onto Guerrero. Guerrero is in pain, but counters somehow with flipping Angle and grabbing the leg into Guerrero getting in control. Guerrero goes for the figure four leg lock, but Angle is furiously trying to get out of it. Angle gets out of it and hits an Angle Slam onto Guerrero when they get back up. Angle goes for the pin and gets the three count.

Winner: Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle celebrates and yells out that he is winning at fatal four way at Vengeance, as RAW goes to commercial.


RAW comes back on with JR and King. JR says the main event is coming up and talks about how interesting this is, as both teams have never teamed with each other. King says he isnít excited about seeing Heyman out here and then suddenly, Stone Coldís music hits. The crowd goes wild and Austin makes his way out to the announcers table. He shakes hands with King and JR. Austin says heís here to check out the Rock, kick back, and have a cold one. He signals over for a beer and catches a beer thrown at him.

Match #6
Tag Team Match
The Rock & Goldberg vs Randy Orton & Brock Lesnar

The Rock and Goldberg make their way out. These two former enemies stare down each other in the ring and look to put their problems aside for tonightís important main event. Rock looks over to Austin, who raises his beer up in the air and smiles at the Rock. Rock is obviously distracted. Randy Ortonís music hits and he makes his way out and stands outside the ring, as Brock Lesnarís music hits. Lesnar comes out with Paul Heyman. The crowd boos the WWE Champion, as they make their way down. Randy Orton gets in the ring and Goldberg starts the match with him

Orton looks hesitant, as he locks up with Goldberg. Goldberg over powers Orton and tosses him into the ropes. Goldberg hits Orton with a shoulder block and Orton goes down. Orton looks at Goldberg with fear and rolls out of the ring to rethink. Rock gets off the apron and tosses Orton into the ring. Goldberg stomps away at Orton until the referee makes him stop. Goldberg picks up Orton and tosses him into the ropes again. Goldberg hits a knee to the gut of Orton and Orton hits the mat. Goldberg gives an evil glare to Brock Lesnar, who smiles back at Goldberg. Goldberg goes and tags in the Rock.

Rock comes in and toys around with Orton. Orton gets picked up, but ends up hitting an uppercut to the Rock, sending the Rock back toward the ropes. Orton hits a dropkick to the knees of the Rock, sending him to his knees. Orton runs up to the Rock with a knee to the face. Rock goes down and Orton goes for the pin, but gets a two. Orton picks up Rock and whips him into the ropes. Orton gets Rock into a chinlock and Orton applies the pressure. Rock elbows out of the chinlock and goes for a clothesline to Orton, but Orton counters with a backbreaker. Orton feels it, but suddenly the lights go out and the crowd goes crazy.

Ortonís happiness turns into fear, as the Undertakerís music hits and Ortonís eyes open up wide. Undertaker comes running down the ring and Orton slides under the ropes and runs through an opening in the crowd. Undertaker proceeds to follow him. They run into the concourse and meanwhile, Rock is recovering in the ring, Lesnar and Goldberg are on the apron, and Heyman is at ringside. The referee counts a ten count and goes to call for the bell, but Ric Flair comes out. Flair comes to the stage in his ring attire and says that RAW GM Eric Bischoff wonít let the main event end like that. He says that he himself will replace Orton in the match.

Flair slides into the ring and goes right for the Rock. Rock is on a knee and automatically hits a spinebuster to Flair. Flair goes down and Rock is still nursing the wounds he got from Orton. Both men crawl in for the tag and Lesnar and Goldberg want to go at each other. The crowd gets up in anticipation and both tags are made! Goldberg and Lesnar leave the apron and attack one another. They share right hands until Lesnar grabs Goldberg and tosses him to the outside. Goldberg is down and Heyman walks up to him. Heyman tells Goldberg that he is weak and never will be as good as Lesnar. Lesnar comes to the outside and holds Goldberg up, as Heyman continues to talk trash. Goldberg spits in Heymanís face and elbows his way out of Lesnarís hold. Goldberg hits Lesnar with rights until tossing Lesnar into the turnbuckle. Lesnar wobbles away from the turnbuckle and Goldberg tosses Lesnar into Paul Heyman, knocking both of them down.

Goldberg tosses Lesnar back into the ring. Goldberg begins to mock Lesnar continuously. Goldberg pushes Lesnar into the corner and then hits a clothesline to Lesnar in the corner. Lesnar stumbles back out and Goldberg hits a hard spinebuster to Lesnar. Goldberg goes for the pin and gets a two count. Goldberg goes down on Lesnar hits him with very hard right hands. Goldberg goes back for a tag to the Rock, but he tells the Rock he has one more thing to do. He waits for Lesnar to get up and Lesnar finally gets up. Goldberg goes for a superkick and connects. Lesnar stumbles back into Flair. The aware Flair slaps the shoulder of Lesnar and tags himself in. Goldberg tags the Rock in. Flair and Rock go at it.

Rock and Flair go at it one on one. Rock tosses Flair into the ropes and Rock hits a Float-over DDT to Flair. Rock goes for the pin and gets a two count. Rock and Flair continue to go at it, with Rock mostly dominating. Lesnar and Goldberg eventually catch their breaths and get up to the apron. They shout at one another from their respective corners. Rock gets Flair into the corner by Goldberg, but Heyman gets up on the apron by Lesnar and the referee goes to get him off the apron. The referees back is turned to the action and Flair hits a poke to the eyes of the Rock. Rock stumbles to the middle of the ring and Flair grabs the Rock and tosses him into the referee. Heyman gets off the apron before he gets knocked down, but the referee goes down. Lesnar and Goldberg leave the apron and go into the middle of the ring. They share right hands again and Goldberg gets the upperhand again. Lesnar gets sick of it and grabs Goldberg and tosses him over the top rope.

Lesnar goes and follows him, as they battle on the outside with the referee down. Flair goes for the knees of the Rock, but Rock avoids it and hits a spinebuster in the middle of the ring to Flair. Rock goes for the Peopleís Elbow, but he sees Batista running down the ramp to the ring. Austin gets off the announcers table and grabs a steel chair. Batista stands on the outside of the ring and Austin sneaks up on him and hits him with a steel chair. Austin says he isnít down for the Evolution BS in this match. Rock looks confused, but proceeds to hit the Peopleís Elbow on Flair.

Triple H comes running down the ramp and Austin turns to stop him in his tracks. Triple H stops in the middle of the ramp and stares down Austin. Austin tells Triple H to reconsider what he is going to do and Triple H looks pissed. Rock smirks at Triple H and Rock sets up Flair for the Rock Bottom. Flair gets up eventually and Rock hits him with a Rock Bottom. The referee slowly makes his way over to the pin and Rock covers Flair for the three count.

Winner: The Rock & Goldberg
Rock gets his arm held high in the ring. Austin drops the chair and makes his way back to the announcers table. Goldberg and Brock Lesnar are out at ringside after going at one another for a while. Rock celebrates in the ring and looks over to Triple H on the stage, who looks pissed off. Rock smiles and tells Triple H to bring it. Austin slides into the ring behind the Rock instead of going back to the announcers table. Austin precedes to stalks the Great One. Rock turns around and Austin stuns him center ring. Austin looks down at the downed Rock, as RAW ends.

WWE: The Takeover

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