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Default Re: Innocence of Muslims

Originally Posted by SummerLove View Post
I say you don't have proper akhlaq because you are incapable of expressing your opinions in a civilized manner. Other people here are against Islam and their teachings yet none of them speak like an immature angry boy. It's shameful really and it's apparent that you're a hateful individual.
No champ,People here are sugar coating and trying to keep you calm because they know how butthurt muslims can be when you insult their prophet or religion.I on the other hand do not sugar coat what I say I say what I feel and know I won't give you special treatment.

Civilized manner? Aren't you the one who believes adulteress should be stoned to death? Aren't you the one who believes in silencing free speech? Aren't you the one who believes in the cutting of hands of thieves? Aren't you the one who believes people who simply don't believe in your religion deserve hell forever? Your cult is ANYTHING but civilized and you're talking about talking in a civilized manner? I'm not talking like a disrespectful gorilla or anything,I'm just not sucking up to you or your cult and I'm not "pretending" to respect your religion like most non muslims do when they talk to you muslims.

I'm not a hateful individual sweetheart,I'd never accept the idea of hell for eternity on anybody unlike you.You're only calling me hateful because I'm disrespecting your silly cult,The truth is I'm only hating on islam because it itself is a cult of fear violence and most importantly hate and I know this because I was a muslim and through the years I eventually got disgusted by islam and actually had enough guts to admit what I loved and practiced was just a lie.

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