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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Sum YouTube Matches! Reviews:

Silas Young vs. M-Dogg 20(AAW 2007)
- Silas's theme is fucking hilarious, I remember seeing this match live and it still holds up. A fun match with good back and forth and M Dogg showing yet again why he's a beast.

Christopher Daniels vs. M-Dogg 20 (ROH 2006)- A very solid match here, some good showcase spots by Cross and Daniels as always a fantastic heel. Again, another solid 8 minute match. I would give my autographed Matt Hardy merch to have either of these guys back in ROH.

Sami Callihan vs. Kyle O'Reilly (IPW 2011)- I'm" vaguely familiar with this promotion, they put up a lot of good matches on their YouTube channel. You know what to expect here some good stiff action and spots by these guys. Lots of back and forth with a good pace throughout. The Triangle Choke countered into the Stretch Muffler was sudden but very well executed. Good stuff.

ACH vs. Bobby Beverly vs. Jason Gory (Midwest Wrestling 2012)- Damn Beverly looks different from when I last saw him, put some weight on too which is good. ACH is one funny dude and Jason Gory is one strange character. Overall, a good 3 Way match pretty by the numbers but not bad in this case as you got some good exchanges between 3 good workers. Fun intimate crowd too.

Seth Rollins vs. Hunico (FCW 2011)- A great match between 2 of my favorite talents. I've seen this match at least ten times and it never gets old. Good pacing, lots of back and forth and some great drama and exchanges. These two had great chemistry and Rollins's FCW 15 Title Reign is seriously underrated. Really dug the surprise finish.

Jonathan Gresham vs. Mark Angel (Beyond Wrestling 2011)- This is a good basic match between these guys. Not familiar with Mark Angel but he was really sloppy here but Gresham did his best to carry him. Lots of mat work and workover by Gresham mixed with some solid exchanges from both guys down the stretch. Decent but nothing must see. Denver Colorado is a very underrated commentator.


Super Dragon vs. Chris Bosh (CZW 2005)- This was a solid match. Despite a couple of slip ups, they managed to fit a lot of good spots, exchanges and nearfalls into this match. Chris Bosh worked over Dragon and hit a lot of good moves (LIONCOCK!!!). Finish comes with an Avalanche Tiger Driver by Dragon. Really good match, Bosh is so underrated and Dragon had to arguably be the most over guy in CZW at the time. Liked this match in '05 still like it now.

Jigsaw, Quackenbush & Storm vs. Hallowicked, Icarus & Akuma (CZW 2005)- Very fun CHIKARA style tag here. There were some sloppily executed moves here and there but they managed to keep everything together and provide a solid trios match full of tag spots and good nearfalls down the stretch. Not as good as I remember it but still fun.

Just read that Fox is heading over to DragonGate in Japan for a line up of dates, likely as an associate for Team Veteran. Super stoked they decided to give him an opportunity after all. I'm" sure if he opts for an extended stay he'll get as over as he is here in the US.

I for Matt Hardy (A Matt Hardy guy since '99):

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