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Default Re: Innocence of Muslims

Originally Posted by SummerLove View Post
The evidence I have is the knowledge I have learned from scholars and from reading on the history of Muhammad SAW.
Give me solid evidence otherwise everything you just said is complete horseshit.

Originally Posted by SummerLove View Post
You're not hotheaded? Is that why you called my religion a "cult" and a "pile of filth" among many other derogatory things? You say you were religious; did you use terms like "boars asshole" and did you curse incessantly while you were Muslim as well? Maybe that is also a reason why you left islam; because you refuse to have proper akhlaq?
A system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.
A relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister.

You see that? That is islam.

I called islam a cult because it IS a cult.Pile of filth? Why thats just an understanding islam is almost all the insults I can dish out.When I was religious I did not swear,However I did change and I learned swearing is a taboo for very silly reasons.How dare you say I don't have akhlaq? To you only muslims have proper akhlaq,To you a girl who shows her body is "bad" because she wants to show off her body.I'm a man and I like to make sure women look at me and check me out does that make me bad? Hell no it just means I want people to be attracted to me and everyone is like this.You don't even know what real akhlaq is you're just mindlessly following islam without any critical thought.

Originally Posted by SummerLove View Post
a person like that does not believe in Islam because he is not keeping an open mind. Simple. There is no concrete evidence pointing to the lack of a God.
There is no evidence islam is a the real religion sent from "god" either sweetheart.

Originally Posted by SummerLove View Post
The fact that he even tells us what will happen if we do not believe is part of His Mercy, if you think about it. What if He just didn't say what was going to happen if we disobeyed Him? We would do whatever we wanted, no matter how bad it would be, and wouldn't have any idea of what the consequences are.
Your god sounds like a bully who wants attention,Period.

Originally Posted by SummerLove View Post
It also describes in countless verses, Paradise. It describes in beautiful detail what Paradise will look like, what it will hold for a Muslim.
I don't care.
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