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Default Re: Innocence of Muslims

Originally Posted by #Mark View Post
You do know I said during war right? Or are you dis-regarding that along with most everything else you disregard or conveniently leave out.
I'm not disregarding anything,Want me to make things simpler to you? If my country were to go to war with Israel like it has in the past and I somehow think its Israel who are on the right side I'd defend Israel and refuse to fight.I don't believe in nationalism and think patriotism is fucking retarded.Get the picture yet or do you still not understand?

Also,Islam is at war in with free thought and criticism worldwide and I'm siding against islam and on the top of all that I used to be muslim.I support things like draw mohammed day and I mock islam daily,You with me here or do you still think I'm "disregarding" anything? Hmmm?
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