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Re: Innocence of Muslims

Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
Bullshit,Being an ex muslim does not mean I threaten your life it only means I may threaten your religion and mock it and show its errors.Also you have no evidence the hadith stated this only for "this time period" you're lying to yourself and sugar coating what is a pile of filth that is your cult.

I'm not hotheaded really and nobody is eager to be ignorant,You're getting all this talk right out of a boar's asshole.When I was muslim I was very religious and would defend attacks on islam by non muslims,You don't even know me.
The evidence I have is the knowledge I have learned from scholars and from reading on the history of Muhammad SAW. That is what I mean by understanding the MEANING of Qur'an and Sunnah. Some of the verses in the Qur'an and some of the ahadith cannot be fully understood without STUDYING them and knowing what they mean in context to the time period and circumstances surrounding them. Allah revealed ayahs to Muhammad according to certain times and certain events, to guide the Muslims. Which is why it is critical to know when these verses and hadith were revealed, contrary to what you believe. THAT is what I mean when I ask if you understand the meaning of the Qur'an. You really don't, man.

You're not hotheaded? Is that why you called my religion a "cult" and a "pile of filth" among many other derogatory things? You say you were religious; did you use terms like "boars asshole" and did you curse incessantly while you were Muslim as well? Maybe that is also a reason why you left islam; because you refuse to have proper akhlaq?

Originally Posted by Oliver-94 View Post
Right. My only problem with that is that what if an Atheist truly believes there is no god and all evidence has convinced him to believe that. How is it fair that he is still going to hell? Quran does say that humans are given an open mind and they should research and debate these issues but I don't understand why religion still teaches unbelievers will go to hell just for not believing. It's basically compulsion. "If you don't believe then you will eventually go to hell and burn forever", just seems harsh IMO.
With all due respect, a person like that does not believe in Islam because he is not keeping an open mind. Simple. There is no concrete evidence pointing to the lack of a God. We believe that if somebody genuinely wants to learn about Islam and its teachings, he will in all likelihood accept Islam, as was the case with many, many people, back then when Islam was being revealed and even nowadays. If not, who knows? Allah might forgive that person because he tried his best to learn about Islam.

You're omitting the fact that the Qur'an doesn't only discuss Allah's punishment. It also describes in countless verses, Paradise. It describes in beautiful detail what Paradise will look like, what it will hold for a Muslim. Allah also promises in the Qur'an that his forgiveness will always be available to someone until the day the person dies. Allah says time and time again that His Mercy outweighs His Wrath. And it is true. However, people choose to focus on His Punishment and then assume all Allah has for himself is His Wrath and is a merciless Being.

The fact that he even tells us what will happen if we do not believe is part of His Mercy, if you think about it. What if He just didn't say what was going to happen if we disobeyed Him? We would do whatever we wanted, no matter how bad it would be, and wouldn't have any idea of what the consequences are. It would be unjust. It's not harsh, and it's not compulsion, it's just laying out what exactly will happen. I'm sure you don't believe a set of laws in a state or country is compulsion; so why would this? I hope you understand what I'm saying here.

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