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Re: Innocence of Muslims

Originally Posted by SummerLove View Post
I would argue that if someone was threatening my family and was probably going to kill them, I would kill them before they got to me. If you feel differently, so be it. That particular hadith applied to that time period, not necessarily in circumstances where the muslim ummah was not in danger. You are hotheaded and eager to be ignorant, which is probably why you left Islam in the first place. You may have done the rituals, but I doubt you tried to live every aspect of your life as a Muslim. There is a lot more to Islam than you think, and there is much you don't know. Just because you know arabic doesn;t make you a knowledgeable Muslim.

Also, because you didn't know it, the ayah says "There is no compulsion in religion."
Bullshit,Being an ex muslim does not mean I threaten your life it only means I may threaten your religion and mock it and show its errors.Also you have no evidence the hadith stated this only for "this time period" you're lying to yourself and sugar coating what is a pile of filth that is your cult.

I'm not hotheaded really and nobody is eager to be ignorant,You're getting all this talk right out of a boar's asshole.When I was muslim I was very religious and would defend attacks on islam by non muslims,You don't even know me.

Almost everything about islam is horrible,The stoning of innocents like homosexuals or the discrimination of women or the violent verses of hate and fear.And just so you know,No loving forgiving god would EVER create a concept like hell.

"There is no compulsion in religion." You expect me to believe that? As far as I can see religion is FILLED with compulsion.

Originally Posted by #Mark View Post
If someone's posing as one of your men during war i'm pretty sure it's not a stretch to act violently on them.
I'm pretending to be muslim right now to the muslims around me and I'm an atheist,I also am not a nationalist and don't care about my country and would prefer to serve and live in another more succesful nation.You think its ok to kill me?


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