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Re: Innocence of Muslims

Originally Posted by SummerLove View Post
You just illustrated your blatant lack and unwillingess to understand the deen. Muhammad SAW ordered the killing of murtad because at the time, there were many munafiqeen amongst the muslims, where they were at war with the kuffar. Thus, the muslims were at risk at any time of being sabotaged and killed by these murtad. So, in self defense, our Prophet commanded the killing of murtad, however even so it is not permissible to do so without warning. There is a three day respite period.

Also, would you happen to know the ayat after Ayatul Kursi? Try not to look it up.
You think that justifies killing non muslim apostates? You have no right to kill people who leave islam let alone punish them.Thats why your cult is disgusting,Thats why people insult islam everyday.You want a religion of peace? Try Zoroastrianism.
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