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Re: Innocence of Muslims

Originally Posted by Gandhi View Post
Let the muslims rage out its only showing the entire world that islam has made these muslims become savage barbaric morons who are willing to kill innocents over their disgusting cult.Islam is a disgusting cult of hate and fear and order,Trust the atheist ex muslim here folks islam's full of shit.

Free speech will NOT be silenced,People make fun of chirstians and hindus and atheists and everybody and nobody does anything but when its muslims they rage out and kill innocents? Fuck that we're not giving ANYBODY special treatment and we'll draw and make fun of your stupid prophet all we want.Your religion forbids you from insulting mo man,Thats fine but don't force your stupid rules on others people can say whatever the fuck they want to say.Those idiots from Westboro Baptist church talk allot of hate speech against dead people from 9/11 or homosexuals and I'm STILL against silencing them even though I'm an atheist who hates what they say,Free speech is free speech and it will NEVER hurt people physically therefore it has every right to exist.If free speech is silenced then we'd be a madhouse like Iran or North Korea.People can say whatever and people can just ignore it,Its that damn simple.

I'm not saying all Muslims are crazy murdering individual that would kill in the name of Allah, but there seems to be a large portion of them like this in Islamic countries, or at least the ones in power in these countries.

I find it funny how Al Qaeda is in this holy war with what they believe to be the West, or Christians, but in reality they are in a war with red necks. This is literally a war between idiots that the whole world has unfortunately been dragged into.

Let me pose a question, if Islam did not exist, heck I'll take it one step further, if religion, all kinds, did not exist, would there be peace? I think so

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