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Re: Apple iPhone 5 + iOs6

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post
im not sure what point is being gotten at here. Are you saying that because the iPhone 5 is selling out at a record pace that it's better than the Galaxy S?

That ad isn't salty as fuck, it's true...As much as I respect Apple for being an innovator in the industry, they really dont do anything different or better than what is being done by every other smart phone OS. In fact, some would say that iOS 6 is apple's way of making sure they dont FALL BEHIND android.

Congratulations, Apple, you've sold out yet another phone's stock...to people who literally don't know what to do with their money other than spend it on ridiculously overpriced technology.
Are you serious? READ the ad, they only list off iphone hardware specs and then lists a bunch of fluff at the end about the Galaxy S3 that no one gives a shit about. It's terrible, salty and unintelligent marketing.

Look how hard it is to make a bitter ad about a competitors phone and make it look like crap by adding fluff features no one gives a shit about. No smart consumer would fall for this kind of crap.

Not that difficult, is it?

You seriously think that people who buy Iphones don't have any intelligence on what they are buying? Apply have 70% of the profit from the entire industry with 3 phones on the market, as opposed to their competition who have countless. If you really want to make the assumption that all their buyers are just throwing away money on overpriced technology then go ahead lol.

Originally Posted by Caponex75
Samsung is salty yet iPhone sued them? It's not Samsung's fault they outclassed their shit before they can bring it out.
Happy for you on thinking this kind of patent infringement is justifiable because Samsung 'outclassed' their shit. Keep up the good work, junior.

Gentlemen, if you lose today you will continue to be the best in the world but if you win today you will be eternal.

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