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Re: Dgusa the new ROH?

Originally Posted by JoeRulz View Post
DVDs are dying business, in every aspect of entertainment, you people heard of digital revolution? Those who are willing to move onto digital media have no problem with following of DGUSA/EVOLVE.

That being said, yeah, it takes them forever to release DVDs.

And Gabe's idea of business promoting fucking sucks. His whole marketing consists of "Please like this or share. Thanks" Facebook and Twittah crap. Get a fucking grip, Gabe.
I think there's something to be said for those that want a physical copy of things they purchase. I'm one of them. And while it's true the DVD model is one being phased out, there is a huge segment that refuse to watch things on their computer (Yes it's 2012, I know boxes and HDMI exist). I also think it would be vastly different if the quality of the iPPVs was much higher (Some of them are arguably unwatchable by certain standards), or if they made some sort of download service available for those who want a physical copy. The bottom line is you have to meet ends with every faucet that the paying consumer wants, and need to do it as quick as possible.

The promoting and advertising of DGUSA/EVOLVE is without question the worst I have ever seen from any company. Social media is such a crutch for these people, and indy wrestling in general. Look, it's cool if you want to use social media as one tool, but when it's your only tool, that's just bad and a total detriment. Gabe's idea of promoting is getting on Twitter the weeks of his shows and spamming people's feed.

Sal is the blame for why they don't draw. Sal lives in Largo, Florida for God's sake, which is just miles from Ybor City and St. Petersburg (E14/15) and there wasn't an ounce of local promoting done. Mind you, those were joint shows (Just like every EVOLVE since 10), and thus is likely his excuse for being lazy and doing absolutely nothing.

Then look at SHINE, their own project. They actually did a local television ad and surprise, draw over 200 people at the same place that held E14.

It's almost as if they have some sort of entitlement, and try to live off Gabe's reputation and strictly the idea of iPPV.

The key to drawing is local advertising, bottom line. There's a reason local indy feds in Florida draw 250 people with Robbie E vs. Jesse Neal, and Sal/Gabe draw 75 people in Ybor City with El Generico, Johnny Gargano, Chuck Taylor, Colt Cabana, and so on.

The talent really just isn't there for them to book super shows right now. However, I think Gabe has had some great cards on paper that were booked like total whatever shows, and the opposite of "super shows", which should never be the case when you run like 15 times a year and considering their audience. Early EVOLVE especially, although not exclusively, were just filled with some really cool matches that totally got fucked over on time because Gabe is in this "pacing" mindset. Some EVOLVE shows feel so rushed, but then others are a total breeze to watch.

Gabe is too busy trying to tell stories as well for no reason. The guy never knows when he's going to run again, yet won't just book EVOLVE like it should be, the PWG of the East Coast. Look at the Del Sol/Generico series. Some may disagree, but I just don't get booking Del Sol/Generico three straight Generico appearance in EVOLVE. It's the same 100 people, if that, ordering every one. Not to mention each match, while has its differences, is nearly identical in terms of quality. It did nothing to elevate Del Sol beyond the original match they had, then you essentially wasted two Generico matches. Maybe if they were spaced out, but they were 3 matches in the span of 4 shows, and 3 straight EVOLVE Generico appearances.

I disagree with a lot of things they do, but as noted, I think Gabe has done a good job establishing a core group of guys, and I do enjoy the product. They just totally fuck themselves over and then wonder why they can't draw or never have any momentum.

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