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Re: Why are ugly chicks attracted to me?

Originally Posted by Kentonbomb View Post
You are sad as fuck, mate. scrilla is the biggest troll on the forum. This is the same guy that said Kurt Angle of all people couldn't wrestle. Why the fuck should I take his word on anything?
he can't though

Originally Posted by Rush View Post
No one has a problem with you not wanting to date a fat or ugly chick but look at the facts

1) You're scared of talking to people
2) You're scared of talking to hot chicks
3) You've resorted to online dating to try and find one
4) You're a moron
5) Chicks love confidence. No hot chick is going to look around a club and see the guy who's too afraid to have a convo and think "oh yes, he's the one for me".

Life is like a video game, you have to slay a few trolls before you get to the princess
p much this and what redead has been saying. Alternatively you could try MDMA, instant confidence right there and women tend to have lower standards on it too. Seems perfect for you. Nothing wrong with doing the occasional fat chick, nobodys really going to care that much plus: vvvv

Originally Posted by Rush View Post
i would never date a fat girl but its always important to stay on top of your game in the bedroom.
Originally Posted by sXe_Maverick View Post

Kenton, confidence is key. I'm FAT and have no trouble getting friendly with glamours and trying more. You take what you get, son, otherwise you wind up being a fat, anxious virgin. Oh wait...
Wallaben got dat game.

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